It’s Safe to Schedule Your OB/GYN Appointment

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After weeks of social distancing and staying at home, it’s understandable if you feel a little hesitant about scheduling your gynecologic appointment, prenatal ultrasound or the elective procedure that was postponed.

We want to assure you that you can get in-person health care safely, and we’re taking extra measures to protect you and keep you safe. Nothing is more important to us than your health, and it’s important to get back on track with the care you deserve.

It’s safe to resume in-office visits, medical tests, screenings and procedures, and we’re taking extra safety precautions in each of our offices. So, if it’s time for your next mammogram, prenatal visit or other OB/GYN appointment, reach out to your provider or schedule your in-person appointment online.

Extra Steps to Protect You and Keep You Safe at Your OB/GYN Appointment

Your well-being and safety are our top priorities. Our team of providers has added many enhanced safety protocols throughout our entire health care system.

Temperature Checks at Facility Entrances

At every facility entrance, we take the temperature of everyone who enters our facilities, like we do for each of our team members as well. This practice helps us identify anyone who may be positive for COVID-19 and empowers us to further prevent the spread of the virus.

Separate Care Areas for Patients Who Are Sick

We have procedures in place to safely separate patients who have COVID-19 (and others who have coronavirus symptoms) from other patients and visitors.

Clear Protective Shields

Barriers between staff and patients have been installed in our registration areas and waiting rooms, to keep our team members and patients safe at in-person appointments.

Frequent Cleaning and Disinfecting

All exam rooms, waiting rooms, equipment, screens and high-touch areas are cleaned and sanitized often for each patient’s safety.

Personal Protective Equipment

All staff, patients and guests are required to wear face masks. If you don’t have a face covering, ask if the facility can provide one for you.

Redesigned Waiting Areas

We’ve added floor markers, chair covers and other measures to keep patients a safe distance (6 feet) apart from each other while practicing social distancing.

Contactless Registration and Check In

Some of our locations may allow you to check in from your car. You can then wait there for a text from our staff when they are ready to see you.

Appointment Changes You Might See

As you start to schedule your appointments again, rest assured that nothing is more important to us than your safety. We have enacted a variety of new protocols at all of our facilities that follow social distancing, and we continue to follow the latest guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

We encourage you to ask your OB/GYN office about any changes made to standard office visits and to prenatal care. Depending on your provider, these changes may include:

Fewer In-Person Office Visits

Your provider may now be requiring fewer in-person visits for prenatal care. Or, your in-person visits may be spaced a little further apart.

Combining Some Office Visits

To reduce the number of in-person visits, certain types of visits may be combined. For instance, both vaccinations and glucose screenings may be done during one visit.

Phone Screening Before Your Office Visit

Your provider’s office may call you before a scheduled in-person visit. The team members may ask some questions to be sure you don’t have any concerning symptoms before you come in to the office.

Can I Have My OB/GYN Appointment Online?

Many tests, screenings and procedures will require an in-person visit. For appointments that aren’t required to be in-person, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to connect with your physician — safely and at your comfort level.

If you’re not ready to come in for an in-person appointment, that’s OK. You have options to see your provider from home. We’re offering online doctor video visits, which is a convenient way for you to consult with some OB/GYN (or any of our providers) right from your home.

All you need to see your provider from home is your smartphone, a tablet or a computer. If you’d like to schedule a virtual visit, call your OB/GYN’s office to ask about their virtual care options. Or, learn more about your virtual care options.

What Additional Safety Steps Can I Take During My OB/GYN Visit?

To ensure your safe in-person visit and ease your peace of mind, we recommend:

  • Avoiding touching your face

  • Be sure to wear your cloth face covering

  • Call your provider before your visit if you have questions

  • Follow social distancing before, during and after your appointment

  • Wash your hands well or use hand sanitizer before and after your visit

We’re Ready When You’re Ready

We’re dedicated to keeping you safe during your in-person OB/GYN appointments. Learn more about how we’re taking steps to protect you and keep you safe, find a gynecologist near you or schedule your OB visit today..

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