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It’s Safe to Get Back on Track With Breast Health Care

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In-person visits for mammograms and other tests for breast health are essential to stay healthy and well. If you’ve been putting off a screening or diagnostic test — or found a concerning lump — while sheltering at home, it’s time to speak with your physician about making an appointment.

Among American women, breast cancer is the second most prevalent cancer after skin cancer, and the second leading cause of death from cancer after lung cancer. But if it’s caught at an early stage, when the cancer is small and slow-growing, it’s easier to treat and unlikely to cause illness or death.

We want to assure you that it’s safe to get in-person care for your breast health needs, and we’ve taken extra steps to protect you and keep you safe in our facilities. When you’re ready to schedule an appointment, call your doctor. They will take your personal health history and previous test results into account to help you decide on the best time for your next visit.

We’re Taking Extra Protection Measures for In-Person Visits

We understand you may be a bit reluctant to come to an appointment in person. However, rest assured that our priority is your safety. We have implemented a range of protective measures to keep everyone safe from COVID-19 in our facilities.

Everyone Must Wear a Mask

The CDC recommends that everyone wear face masks in public settings to prevent the spread of coronavirus. We fully support this approach and are requiring all patients and guests in our facilities to wear face masks.

We will provide you with a mask upon entering one of our locations. Our doctors and staff will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), such as masks and gloves. We have PPE available for our team members to use each day.

Temperature Screenings at Entrances

According to the CDC, most people with COVID-19 symptoms have a fever. We are now checking the temperature of everyone coming to our facilities, at all entrances.

All providers and staff, including high-risk workers, such as those working in the emergency department or intensive care unit, have a daily temperature check for fever.

Separate Care Areas for Patients Who Are Sick

People who have a fever or other coronavirus symptoms are safely treated away from patients and visitors in a separate area of our facility. You can take comfort knowing that we are caring for sick patients in a separate area.

Updated Visitor Policy

To help you continue social distancing and to help flatten the curve in your community, we have new rules for visitors. In many of our facilities, only one visitor per patient is allowed, and they’ll need their temperature checked and will be wearing a mask.

Social Distancing Measures in Waiting Rooms

We have redesigned our waiting rooms to make it easy for people to stay 6 feet apart from one another and have limited the number of people allowed in waiting areas at one time. Registration desks also have clear shields to protect you and our registration staff.

At some locations, you can choose to wait in your car for a text message notifying you when it’s your turn to come into the building.

Keep in Touch With Your Breast Health Care Team

During these uncertain times, it’s important to stay in control of your health — and that includes breast health. Learn about the factors that put you at risk for developing breast cancer and those that help protect you from the disease, according to the NCI.

We know that waiting for test results is stressful and can keep you from staying focused on daily tasks. Our imaging experts and pathologists aim to provide same-day test results whenever possible. The quicker you and your physician have answers, the faster you can work together to handle any issues.

Serving You With Unparalleled Breast Care

Our world-class, comprehensive breast cancer care programs offer the latest genetic counseling, testing, imaging and minimally invasive diagnostic tests, including:

  • BRCA tests

  • Digital and 3D mammography

  • Fine-needle aspiration biopsy

  • High-definition breast magnetic resonance imaging

  • Minimally invasive stereotactic breast biopsy

We’re Ready When You Are

Nothing is more important to us than you. When you’re ready to get in-person care, we’re ready to serve you, protect you and keep you safe. We’re here to provide you with excellent, compassionate breast health care when you’re ready to get back on track with checkups and diagnostic tests. To get started, learn more about imaging services and women’s care at AdventHealth.

Our Visitor Policy may have changed since this blog/article was posted. Please click here for an updated version of our visitor policies.

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