It Felt Like Home

Two men are hugging comfort each other in their time of need.
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One day, my mother woke up at 6 am with extreme pain. She didn't know what to do, so I called the ambulance and she was taken to AdventHealth East Orlando. Once there, the emergency department team took over. They did not waste any time processing my mother, and the doctors, although rushed, saw her immediately as she was in a lot of pain.

Since I was her son, they asked me all the questions. I was very impressed with how professional everyone was. The patient came first, and the paperwork came second. Blood was drawn, and vital signs were taken. The number one concern of the doctors was her care. I felt at ease and I knew she was in great hands. I was asked a dozen times if I needed anything and was reminded constantly of the procedures that they were performing and how long each procedure would take. In fact, there was a chart on the wall that the nurses told me to read. It had the name of each procedure and the time it took to perform each one!

I had been in other emergency rooms before and was not impressed, but this ER was fast, efficient, clean and organized. My mother was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection (UTI). After a couple of hours in the ER, she was admitted. They made sure she was stable before moving her.

In the inpatient area, I noticed her room was ready in record time. She had been admitted to one other hospital the year before and experienced one of the most trying times a patient could ever undergo. They could not get things organized and treated my mother like she was a bother, not like a person in need. I expected that from this hospital, but boy was I surprised! It was like a dream compared to the other hospital. The employees, I mean all employees, treated my mother and me with respect and kindness even though we were experiencing a very trying time. We actually felt at home.

Even though my mom would later pass away, I am so thankful for the peace and joy every employee brought to our family during her last days on earth.

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