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How We’re Keeping Kids Safe During In-Person Visits

A mom puts a facemask on her son.
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We want to assure you that when it comes to in-person pediatric care for your kids, we’re ready to serve you when you’re ready to come in. Whether your child needs emergency care unexpectedly, routine care, screenings or treatment for a complex condition, our pediatric doctors and specialists are ready to help.

Your family’s health is our priority, and we’re making sure it’s safe for you to get care, whenever you need to do so. That’s why you’ll see several extra measures at our facilities that are designed to keep you safe.

We’re Taking Extra Measures to Keep Kids Safe

When your child needs medical care, you can rest assured that your family’s wellness and safety is top-of-mind for us. When you visit an AdventHealth facility, you’ll notice:

Temperature Checks at All Entrances

To check for fever, we have installed temperature checks at the entrances to all facilities. All patients and visitors will have their temperature taken before they enter.

Separate Care Areas for People Who Are Sick

Anyone who has a fever or other concerning symptoms will be cared for in a separate area, away from other patients. This practice, called patient cohorting, helps ensure that everyone can get in-person care safely.

Universal Mask Use

The CDC has urged everyone to wear a mask or homemade cloth face covering while in public. In line with these guidelines, our new face mask policy requires all patients, guests and staff to wear a face covering while in any of our facilities. In addition to masks, you’ll see our health care team members wearing gloves, gowns or other personal protective equipment (PPE).

We have plenty of masks, so if you don’t have one when you arrive, we’ll provide one for you. For kids, please note that face coverings are not recommended for children under age 2 or who have trouble breathing.

Social Distancing Measures in Waiting Areas

We’ve enacted several different measures at our locations to help support social distancing and minimize your contact with others. These include limiting the number of people in each facility, redesigned waiting rooms (look for seat covers and floor markers for where to sit and stand) and clear, protective shields at registration areas.

At some locations, you can wait for your appointment in your car, and the office will send you a text when they are ready to see you.

It’s Easy to Reach Your Child’s Doctor Virtually

If your child needs care, or you have questions about their care, we’ve made it easy to talk with their provider virtually. This is a great way to reach out to if you’re not sure whether an in-person visit is necessary, or if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s treatment plan or overall health. For some types of care, you may even be able to have a video visit with your child’s doctor.

During a telemedicine visit, you can talk with your child’s doctor or specialist about any new symptoms or concerns and discuss whether your child needs further screenings, tests or treatments. If your child needs additional care from one of AdventHealth’s more than 150 sub-specialists, your child’s health care provider can give you a referral or help you set up an appointment.

Nothing Is More Important to Us Than Your Family’s Safety

You can count on us to take care of your child’s health needs while taking steps to protect and keep your family safe in our facilities. From earaches and rashes to tummy troubles and broken bones, our pediatric doctors are ready to care for your child, compassionately and safely. If it’s time for your child’s annual checkup or you’re worried about that sore throat, schedule an appointment with your child’s health care provider today.

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