How Music Improves Your Mood

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Feel Whole Challenge Day 15 - Listen to Music to Improve Your Mood

Feel all the positive effects of music on day 15 of the Feel Whole Challenge.

In our home, I have seen music have a big impact on our daily routine. Music is truly a powerful part of our lives and can bring joy, relaxation, and connection.

Our family loves to listen to worship music. Not only is it a way to glorify God, it has created many valuable conversations with our children. As our children ask what different lyrics mean, my husband and I have been able to share how God has worked in our lives. This is able to bring more meaning to the words they are hearing and singing.

Music is Therapeutic

Music can be a therapeutic tool for many people as we experience stress or other emotions. After being diagnosed last fall with Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT), our oldest daughter went through two heart surgeries within two months of each other. Before she had the surgery, she would have episodes where her heart would race uncontrollably. It was quite frightening; especially for someone so young.

There were many times that she was flooded with anxious thoughts and feelings. Music was a way to bring peace and calm as she walked through those trying circumstances. I would often find her with earphones on, listening to music or journaling with music in the background. Music continues to play a significant role in her daily life.

The songs we choose to listen to will have a great impact on the way we feel as we listen. I have experienced firsthand how music can bring relaxation, joy, and even hope. There have been countless times I have been tired and worn out and music has revived my spirits.

Music Connects People

I love the way music can connect people. I will often play music in our home while cooking or cleaning. Our children will gather while the music plays; smiling, singing and enjoying the moment together. We also love to play our favorite songs in the car. Somehow in those moments of singing, the day’s worries seem to disappear. It also brings me joy to hear our children singing the tunes of familiar songs we love.

Challenge yourself to take some time and think about how music affects your mood.

Have you experienced the way music can improve your mood? What do you feel most often when you play your favorite songs?

When you are feeling down or anxious, do you have a go-to playlist?

Use music to boost your mood. Find some songs that make you feel happy. Find some songs that help you relax. Find music that helps elevate your mood. Make a playlist so that you have it next time you find yourself feeling down, tired, stressed out or worried.

Although music will not change your problems, it will hopefully improve your mood.

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Ginger is a spiritual photographer who loves capturing special moments of her family. She believes that beauty can be found in every day and celebrates the silly, messy and magical moments of motherhood. She uses her photography to show the expressions of what being a mom is like and all the smiles that go with it.

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