How to Frame a Photo That Brings You Joy

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Feel Whole Challenge Day 17: Frame a Photo That Brings You Joy

As an interior designer, I always say that ultimately, I’m responsible for the mood of a space as much as the look. Each of the selections I make need to work together to tell a story that evokes the mood the home owner both wants to communicate to their guests and experience everyday.

As much as we rely on new things to brighten our mood, old or nostalgic items can be an undeniable source of joy. I incorporate photos of happy memories into our clients’ interiors as often as possible. There’s nothing I can buy that will resonate quite as much as a special moment in time.

If one photo can change the landscape of an entire room, imagine the effect a collage of joyful memories can have on a space. Building photo collages is one of my favorite ways to make a new space feel like home.

The most common questions about designing with photos are regarding framing. Don’t let choosing a frame undermine your mission. The market is inundated with options in all styles, colors and price points.

Generally, I’m a bit of a maximalist, but when it comes to picture frames I typically choose simplicity and repeat the style if there’s more than one image to consider. I prefer simple framing because I don’t want it to compete with the subject matter. My rule of thumb is: the busier the photo, the simpler the frame.

Make it easier on yourself, save the fancy frames for mirrors and let your photos do the work.

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Headshot of Writer Michel Boyd

Writer: Michel Boyd

Michel is a designer and former TV personality. He understands the balance of decorating in a way that people love but also, in a space that really feels like a home. With a fun and colorful style, Michel believes that interior design should be expressive of who you are and how you want to feel.

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