How to Find Your Passion

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Feel Whole Challenge Day 5: Share with Someone Something You’re Passionate About

Open up and share something you’re passionate about for day 5 of the Feel Whole Challenge.

What are you passionate about? Have you taken time to think about this before? Are you a creative living out your passions daily or an athlete working toward your dream diligently?

I believe there is passion within each of us. Some of us were made to create with our hands. Others create with their voices, paintbrushes or cameras. Some find passion in the kitchen, while others find it on the sports field. Some people passionately fight for the injustices of others, while some share their passion through service.

How Children Find Their Passion

As children, I think curiosity allows passion to arise. Children are not as hesitant as adults about trying something new or about failing at something. You often see children trying out many sports or musical and creative endeavors.

I watch as our three-year-old creates art with such joy and love. She creates when she wants to, and she shares her art without hesitation; without fear of criticism. She runs to me, full of enthusiasm, “Mama look what I made, you can have it!”

Recognizing Barriers

I think as adults we need to live with this same reckless abandon. We should follow our hearts more. We need to follow our curiosity. We need to take time and see what we are passionate about.

So often, we live day to day, busy with our lives, but not really tending to what makes us truly feel alive. We don’t sit still. We don’t take time to reflect or give this any thought.

And then, for many, we find our passion and we don’t move. We don’t share. We just keep it tucked into our hearts. We feel like we are selfish to pursue something just for us. Or we feel like we just don’t have time for anything else. We think we will do it later, when the circumstances are better or easier. We feel silly for wanting to try something new. Or perhaps we are scared to fail. We are afraid of criticism. We are scared to move forward. To speak up.

Find Your Passion

Today, challenge yourself to create space and time to ask yourself what makes you feel alive.

  1. Make a list of three things you enjoy doing.
  2. Make a list of three things you’ve never done, but would like to try.
  3. Make a list of three things that take up your time, that you don’t enjoy. Can you quit one of these?
  4. Share your lists with someone you trust.
  5. Act on your lists. Find time to do something you enjoy and something you have never done.

Become Yourself

I love this reminder that Emily P. Freeman shares in her book, A Million Little Ways. “It isn’t about you finding those things that make you come alive so that you will be awesome and admired. It isn’t about discovering the art you were born to make because that is the highest goal of humanity. It isn’t about getting in touch with your desires so that you can forsake all responsibility and obligation and do what you want because you deserve it. It isn’t about becoming famous. It is about becoming yourself.”

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Writer: Ginger Unzueta
Ginger is a spiritual photographer who loves capturing special moments of her family. She believes that beauty can be found in every day and celebrates the silly, messy and magical moments of motherhood. She uses her photography to show the expressions of what being a mom is like and all the smiles that go with it.

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