How Care Navigation Can Help You

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Navigating the health care system can be daunting and overwhelming, at times. But we want to change that.

Imagine not having to worry about scheduling your own appointments, or calling for medical records and waiting weeks to receive them, and even coordinating specialists and outpatient care. Imagine no longer. This is here, with us, today.

Care navigation represents our system-wide approach to whole-person care - reducing your worry, frustration and time spent doing anything other than healing and nurturing your health.

With care navigation, you have access to a comprehensive team of care professionals who provide physical, emotional and spiritual support throughout your healing journey. With a heightened and more personalized level of one-on-one attention, our care navigators and resources help you optimize your care to nurture your whole health at every age and every stage of health.

We focus on putting you first. Whether you are receiving care in one of our facilities or simply out there living your best life, care navigation is a way that we are here for you. It's our goal to help you when you are sick, but also help you stay well, and in doing so, remove the common obstacles that can get in the way of accessing and receiving the highest quality healthcare possible.

For example, care navigation programs can assist with the following:

  • Helping patients and caregivers understand their discharge instructions and post-hospital stay care
  • Offering emotional and spiritual support resources
  • Scheduling appointments for patients' follow-up care
  • Getting patients the prescribed medications they need
  • Integrating with virtual eCare appointments and online health management tools

To do this, we are on the forefront of adopting technologies, people and resources that are all focused on one thing: improving your healthcare experiences, and in turn, your whole health in body, mind and spirit.

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