The Hidden Superpowers of Nurses

Nurse Listening to Boy's Heartbeat
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Every day, these selfless superheroes support patients by cheering on their recovery and rallying around their journey to whole health. If you’ve ever received care from a nurse, then you understand firsthand the hidden superpowers they possess.

Healing Power

Nurses are a crucial part of your health care team. They administer medicine, help make you comfortable and ensure you get the care you need. But nurses care for much more than your physical health. They help restore you to whole health.

Spending time in a hospital or managing a chronic condition is taxing on your body, mind and spirit. Nurses are there for you — every step of the way. They go above and beyond their call of duty to connect you with the resources you need to feel better, and go out of their way to spend time and connect with you.

It’s in those little moments that the magic often happens — that you feel the warmth, love and support from someone who’s in this with you. There’s no medicine that a doctor can prescribe — and no therapy to complete — that can help restore your faith and positivity the way a nurse can.

Superhuman Strength

When the going gets tough, nurses are there by your side. They tap into a superhuman physical, mental and spiritual strength to get you and your family through some of your toughest times. They can power through physical and emotionally draining times, and they share that strength with others so that, together, you become stronger and ready to take on whatever comes next.

Endurance That Defies the Odds

Nurses can call on their endurance to make it through long shifts, lengthy to-do lists and heavy responsibilities. Even more impressive, they don’t let their patients know how tired or tapped out they are. They continue to provide the highest-quality care to each and every patient they encounter — no matter how long they’ve been on their feet or what they’ve already experienced on their shift — so you or your loved one can feel your best.

X-Ray Vision

Your nurse is often aware of your needs before you even realize them yourself. The first to know when something in your health changes (or is about to change), your nurse connects with your doctor to ensure you get the care you need, when you need it. It’s a unique way nurses can see through every situation and make a difference in your health and wellness.

Infinite Empathy

A nurse’s ability to connect with patients and support them on their journey is its own super power. Day in and day out, nurses work with children, adults, families, parents, siblings and spouses to help them cope with a diagnosis, manage treatment and find the strength to carry on. Without a nurse by your side, the journey to whole health would likely feel impossible.

Thank You, Nurses

Nurses show these super powers every single day, but will be the first to tell you they’re just doing their job. Today, celebrate National Nurses Week by thanking a nurse for all they’ve done for you and your family, and recognize them for the super heroes they truly are.

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