At the Heart of Caring is Giving Back

Children who have had a sports physical at summer camp.
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Whole-person care is our promise to you. But we don't stop there, because a commitment to making our communities healthier is at the heart of our caring, too.

Giving back is part of our Seventh-day Adventist roots. And it's an act of our mission of Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ. By giving to others, we make a greater impact as a whole.

For some, volunteering makes them feel good. Others enjoy feeling connected to a larger purpose. And many just like to know they're helping where they're needed. If you are looking for ways to extend your God-given talents and time, we have a few acts of kindness to consider.

Offer Your Skills

Whether you work in health care, law, or as a writer, your expertise and time can be donated to those who need it. Find an organization that aligns with your passion and offer your talents to help those in need.

Participate in a Community Garden

Many communities have a need for fresh produce and little or no access to it. Gardening is great exercise and provides an opportunity to meet others in the community. You can donate what you've grown to a family in need or a homeless shelter.

Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

If you have a passion or animals, consider donating your time to help those four-legged friends in need. Many animal shelters run on very little resources, so they rely heavily on volunteers.

Volunteer at a Hospital or Skilled Nursing Facility

Volunteer programs at hospitals or skilled nursing facilities can play an important role in both patient care and other areas that support it. If you like to cook, maybe you can help in the cafeteria. If you play an instrument, there might be opportunities to perform in the hospital lobby or for patients. Think about how you can bring a smile to someone experiencing a health challenge.

Bring Pet Therapy to a Local Senior Center or Hospital

Animals bring joy wherever they go. Research shows just 15 minutes with an animal can trigger the release of feel-good hormones, which can benefit seniors and patients who need a little cheering up. If this interests you, train your pet for the official pet therapy designation and contact your local care organizations to see how your pet can help others.

Organize a food or clothing drive.

There are always local shelters or programs that cater to families in need looking for food and clothing. During particular times of the year - like the holidays and summer when school lunches are not available - children and families might have even greater needs. If this hits a chord, lead a drive among friends, at your workplace or church.

Volunteering and giving back gives us a greater sense of purpose while making a difference in our communities. Committing just one hour a week can have huge benefits for you and the organization or group relying on your help. If there is an organization you support, contact them and ask how you can get involved. You'll get back more than you ever could imagine.

If you're interested in volunteering with us, we welcome you with open arms and warm, grateful hearts. Learn more here.

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