Going the Extra Mile

Wheelchair and set of tools.
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AdventHealth Gordon recently honored Ken Bruce, emergency medical technician, with an Extra Mile Award, which recognizes team members who go above and beyond the call of duty on a regular basis.

Ken was nominated by Michael Etheridge, director of AdventHealth Gordon emergency medical services (EMS), with the following words: “Ken always has a smile for those he meets and gets to know his patients on a personal level even though his role in EMS limits the amount of time he has with them. He goes above and beyond on a regular basis.

“Recently, a patient had a great need for a wheelchair but didn’t have the means to obtain one. Ken just happened to find one, delivered it and made sure that the patient was comfortable in its use—all on his own time.

“Another recent example occurred when Ken and his partner responded to a call for help. The patient had fallen on a very wet and slick ramp that had been placed on her home. After taking care of the patient, Ken returned to her home with shingles, a hammer and nails. He placed the shingles on the ramp to make sure that she had skid-free footing when using the ramp.

“You always know when Ken is around because there is always laughter and smiles. Ken is a very valuable part of our team!”

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