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Eyelash Health: Everything You Wanted to Know

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While we hear a lot about the importance of overall eye health, your eyelashes’ role in safeguarding your eyes is often overlooked. Acting like whiskers on an animal, they do everything from keeping your eyes well lubricated to preventing dust, dirt and debris from entering. Learn how to grow healthy lashes naturally and prevent common eyelash problems with help from our experts.

How to Prevent Eyelash Problems

You can keep your lashes healthy and strong by incorporating a few easy and proactive daily steps. It all comes down to keeping them clean — and being gentle as you do it. Just as you follow a daily routine to wash your face, you should include an eyelash cleansing with soap and water. However, be gentle with your lashes as you wash and remove your makeup. Be sure to avoid rubbing your eyelids too firmly, which can cause them to fall out. Also, consider applying an eyelash conditioner or serum if your lashes are dry.

Common Eyelash Problems

It’s normal to lose a few eyelashes every day. However, significant loss of eyebrows or lashes might indicate other underlying health issues.

Common eyelash problems include:

  • Chronic inflammation (blepharitis)
  • Clogged oil glands
  • Infected glands (styes)
  • Makeup allergies

For irritated or inflamed eyelids, you can use a warm compress to relieve pain, cleansers on your lids to remove debris, and gentle massage to unclog any blocked oil glands. It’s also a good idea to take a break from makeup like eyeliner and mascara at the first sign of any trouble. Even one day without cosmetics can give your eyelashes a chance to recover.

If you continue to experience issues, including red or itchy eyelids, vision changes, pressure around your eyes, or unusual eyebrow and eyelash loss, contact your physician.

How to Grow Healthy Eyelashes

Beyond keeping healthy lashes, you may be looking for ways to strengthen — and lengthen — your lashes. You can enhance your lashes naturally by:

  • Applying serums or moisturizers underneath your mascara
  • Combing your lashes with an eyelash comb to remove debris
  • Getting enough nutrients, including iron, that contribute to hair growth, as well as supplements like biotin or collagen
  • Massaging your eyelids to stimulate hair growth
  • Using eye makeup remover to minimize rubbing or pulling your lashes

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