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Entertaining Kids Without Electricity

A family plays a game of cards together.
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Riding out a storm isn’t fun when the power goes out. Instead of having withdrawals from video games and the TV, try playing some fun family games instead!
Here are a few that don’t require batteries, electricity or power:

Reverse Hide and Seek

One player hides while the rest of the family counts to 100. When you’re done counting, set out to find the player who. Whoever finds the person that hid doesn’t let anyone know, but waits for a chance when he thinks no one is looking and then joins him.

Slap the Penny

You can usually find a penny laying around, so this is one game that can come in handy anywhere!
Break into 2 teams and have each team sit across the kitchen table from one another. The team with the penny puts their hands underneath the table and secretly passes the penny to one another.

When the team without the penny feels like they are ready to guess they say “hands-up” and everyone from the team with the penny lifts their hands up with fists closed.

The team that doesn’t have a penny then says “hands-down” and the everyone on the team with the penny must slap their hands down flat on the table, trying to disguise which teammate really has the penny.

The team without the penny then guesses who has the penny by pointing to a hand and saying “hand-up.” They continue pointing and guessing which hand has it until they guess the right one. Once they guess correctly, their team gets the chance to hide the penny and the other team gets to guess. You usually play until at least everyone has had a turn!

Hurry and Eat the Candy bar

You’ll need a pair of mittens (preferably large kitchen gloves), a candy-bar, a plate, knife, fork, and 2 dice.
Take an unopened candy bar on a plate and take turns rolling the dice. When someone equals a 7 or 11 with the dice that person immediately put the gloves on and try opening the candy bar with a fork and knife.

While the person is trying to open the candy bar, the others continue to roll the dice. As soon as someone else rolls a 7 or 11 they take the gloves, knife, and fork from the person who had them and continue to try and get the wrapper off. If the wrapper is already off they try and cut the candy bar into pieces and start eating.

Play until the candy bar is gone!

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