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Don’t Delay Surgical Procedures. We’re Ready When You’re Ready

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If you’ve been considering surgery, or had a surgery scheduled but delayed it, it’s time — and it’s safe — to get the care you need. We want to assure you that no matter what kind of surgical care you need (elective, urgent, inpatient or outpatient) our surgeons and clinical support staff are ready with the most advanced surgical techniques and your safety in mind.

At AdventHealth, nothing is more important to us than you. We have put several extra measures in place to protect and keep you safe during this uncertain time.

Extra Precautions We’re Taking for Your Protection

If you’re considering a surgical procedure, you can rest assured knowing your safety is our priority. When you visit your physician’s office or the hospital, you’ll notice a few new safety measures we implemented for everyone’s safety.

Temperature Checks at All Facility Entrances

Most people with symptoms of coronavirus have a fever. To check for this symptom, we have installed temperature checks at the entrances to all facilities. All health care providers, patients and visitors will have their temperature taken before they can enter the facility.

Separate Care Areas for Anyone With Concerning Symptoms

We have set up specific care areas for patients who are sick or who have coronavirus symptoms. These areas are separate from other patients, for everyone’s protection.

Everyone Wears a Mask

It’s recommended for everyone to wear a mask or homemade cloth face covering in public. We require all our clinicians and team members, patients and guests to wear a mask while in any of our facilities. If you don’t have one, we will give you one to wear when you enter your physician’s office or another of our facilities.

Social Distancing Measures in Waiting Areas

We’ve implemented several different measures at our locations to help maintain social distancing. These include limiting the number of people in each facility, redesigned waiting rooms (seat covers and floor markers are used to show you where to sit and stand) and using plastic shields at registration areas.

In addition, some physician’s offices may ask you to wait in your car and will send a text when they are ready to see you.

Contact Your Physician Virtually

If you need to get in touch with your health care team about any questions or concerns, you may not even have to come into the office. You may be able to talk virtually with physicians about any care you need so that you won’t have to leave home. In some cases, you may even be able to have a video visit with your provider.

During a telemedicine visit, you can ask questions about your surgery, discuss any concerns and go over next steps. You can discuss topics such as:

  • Questions about your recovery or rehabilitation after surgery
  • Specific concerns or questions you might have about your risks related to COVID-19 infection
  • Your options for surgery, including endoscopic procedures that do not require incisions, laparoscopic surgical procedures that use small incisions and reduce scarring, and state-of-the-art robot-assisted surgeries for the most precise care

We’re Ready When You’re Ready

If you need surgery, we’re here to meet your needs safely and protect you every step of the way. Learn more about the precautions we’re taking at each facility, or learn more about surgical care at AdventHealth.

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