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At AdventHealth, we know how important it is to be there for you when you need us. That's why we've made it easier than ever to do so. With three easy-to-use tools, you can stay connected from the palm of your hand to conveniently get the best possible care. Our goal of providing you with complete physical, emotional, and spiritual care starts with giving you quick access to us through a few convenient apps right on your phone or tablet.

AdventHealth eCare

We're committed to your wellness even if you're not here in person. Through the free eCare app you can receive diagnosis, treatment, follow up and prescriptions for minor ailments. eCare offers you a convenient option for a face-to-face urgent care appointment with a board-certified physician or nurse practitioner by video conference using your smartphone or tablet.

Most minor ailments can be treated directly through eCare without ever having to leave your home. From skin conditions to minor infections and illnesses, we can connect directly right where you are. If your eCare physician cant makes a diagnosis, you won't be charged by the app, but will then need to make an in-person appointment. Without insurance, an app visit is just $59 and is payable by credit or debit card at the time of visit.

If it's determined by your health care provider that you need medication for your ailment, the prescription will be in your visit summary where you can then have it filled. The visit summary will also provide details of your visit, follow up instructions from the provider, and additional information on what to do if your condition does not improve.

AdventHealth App

AdventHealth has combined the power and functionality that Apple Health Records can provide with AdventHealth eCare to form the comprehensive AdventHealth app. The app not only gives you instant access to your health records but also the power and convenience of being able to see a doctor at home or on the go.

With the AdventHealth app, you can access your and your family's medical records at any time from your phone as well as through our website. You can also schedule an in-person consultation or have a video consultation just like through eCare. The app lets you find the doctor of your choosing, schedule appointments, keep track of them with a calendar and manage billing all in the same app. You can even refill prescriptions with it.

Currently, eCare is available Monday through Friday from 8 am 8 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 8 are 5 pm. We have plans to expand the hours in the future, but if you need help outside of those hours, you should visit one of our emergency facilities or call 911 for assistance.

Whether you're in one of our facilities or at home, we're here for you as committed partners on your journey toward whole health.

Download the app through the Apple Store or Google Play and register to get started.

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