A Healing Environment

Hospital waiting room with blue chairs and a brown coffee table displaying flowers.
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I am a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed September 2017, but now I am cancer free. I would like to share a story from my experience with AdventHealth Medical Group.

The day I was told I had two positive lymph nodes and would have to undergo 12 additional rounds of chemo treatment, I ran out of the office with so much desperation, I can’t even describe it. I had tears in my eyes and all I wanted to do was die, but in that moment, I heard a song over the intercom that saved me. I felt as if God Himself spoke to me to let me know He was with me. I felt calm and was assured I could go on.

It’s not only the caregivers who make a difference for survivors like me, but the atmosphere of the facility. I’m truly blessed to work at AdventHealth. I feel like you offer the best treatment in the world!

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