8 Proven Sleep Tricks

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Feel Whole Challenge Day 12: Analyze Your Bedtime Routine and Find Ways to Sleep Better

We all love to wake up every morning well-rested and full of energy. We all love to feel unstoppable during the day. We all love to be present and on-the-go all day long. But if you don't sleep well, you will feel everything but productive, and you will feel as if you were in a slow-mo film. Do you agree?

So, here are eight proven tricks that will help you have restful nights with deep sleep.

Disconnect to Connect

Disconnect from any electronic devices at least one hour before going to bed. Put down your phone, stop checking your emails and turn off the TV so you can connect to your inner self and rest.

Give Thanks for Today and Be Grateful for Tomorrow

Every day, after you disconnect from the electronic world, go and find a quiet space in your home and give thanks. This practice helps you tune back into your day and remember the beautiful moments that you had.

I do it as a mental list. I close my eyes and give thanks for three things I liked about the day. Sometimes I give thanks for the smile of my kids, sometimes for a meal or a hug. This practice gives me a sense of peace and happiness.

Invest In Your Sleep

Sleep replenishes our body, heals and fights inflammation. "Sleep nourishes the body," that's what my grandma used to say. So treat your bedtime as a very important time in your life. Buy good sheets, a comfortable eye mask, invest in blackout window treatments, have beautiful pajamas and invest in your pillows. These small changes will significantly improve your sleep quality.

Get Outside

When you go out for a walk, your body will rest better. It is essential to breathe fresh air, soak in a little bit of sun and learn to appreciate nature. Also, being outside will make you a happier person and will make you less stressed.

Respect Your Bedtime

Don't ignore your bedtime and start scrolling on Instagram or decide that you have time for a new episode of your favorite series. Instead, put your distractions aside and prepare yourself for bed. I promise you'll be happy you did the next morning.

Experiment With Your Tea

Prepare different tea combinations that promote a night of restful sleep. Drink chamomile, lemon balm, lavender or passionfruit. Make your combinations, and then drink a cup of tea in your bed or while you read. Find a personal moment for your cup of tea and make it part of your bedtime routine.

Snack Before Bed

Snack on cherries, almonds, avocados, chickpeas and dates before bed. They all have potent components that help us calm our bodies. Try to avoid caffeine, chocolate, sugar and any other types of foods that will energize you.

Bathe or Shower Before Bed

Wash the day off. Soak in a tub with Epsom salts and essential oils. Give yourself a break and relax.

These eight tips are proven tips to make you sleep better, but take it one night at a time. It takes time to "train" your body for a bedtime routine, so be gentle with yourself, and remember the end goal.

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Writer: Alejandra Graf
Ale Graf changed her eating habits and started cooking healthier after she had her son. Now, she cooks organically in an all plant-based diet, and she loves to experiment with her recipes. As a Mexican-American, Ale recreates healthy versions of all the recipes she loves from her culture. She encourages her following to stop eating processed food and return to the basics.

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