7 Ways to Surprise Someone with a Gift

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Feel Whole Challenge Day 18: Give Someone a Gift

There’s nothing like surprising someone you care about with a gift for absolutely no reason. AdventHealth got this one right—I get such a boost from random acts of gifting!

You don’t have to spend a ton, and to be honest, it can make the recipient feel uncomfortable or create pressure to reciprocate, and that’s so not the point. Also, my husband Lew likes to remind me that men love just-because treats too, so these aren’t limited to your best gal-pal. These are some low-tech, easy go-to gifts to make anyone’s day.

7 Classic Gifts for Any Gender

  1. Socks. The playful footwear trend is showing no sign of slowing, and that’s fine by me! There’s something for every size and style. And I’ve literally never heard anyone say they have too many socks. Ever.
  2. Collectibles. I’ve been in downsize mode, but most of my friends collect something - everything from classic cobalt glass to entire pop culture worlds. Whatever’s filling their display shelves, it’s so fun to add to the treasure!
  3. Potted Succulents. I adore clusters of mini pots, but one larger one works too. No fuss, low-maintenance (even for peeps who swear they can’t keep plants alive), and perfect for any decorating style. Did I mention they’re low-maintenance?
  4. Desk Accessories. No matter how high-tech our world has become, everyone still loves to personalize their workspace—even if their workspace is a corner of their living room. And let’s face it, magnetic sculpture toys are a conference-call sanity saver.
  5. Framed Photo. Pick a hi-res snap of the two of you together, or of them with someone they love (four-legged pals included!). Print it at your local drugstore and pop it into a frame that suits their style. Instantly adorable.
  6. Journals and Notebooks. Small and sleek. Spiral or perfect bound. Leather or glitter (or both). Lined or unlined, textured paper or smooth. Throw in a matching pen. They’ll smile (and think of you) every time they scribble!
  7. Gift Card. Surprised? Most people view gift cards as impersonal, but when you know someone’s favorite coffee shop or weekend hobby go-to, it can be the perfect nudge to remind them to treat themselves.

Remember, the point is about the act itself—so don’t overthink the specifics. Whether you’re someone who wraps every present to perfection in a dedicated crafting space, or whether you prefer to pick from a wishlist and let the internet take care of the rest, it just feels good to give. I feel healthier already!

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