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Feel Whole Challenge Day 14: Plant Something

Day 14 of the AdventHealth Feel Whole Challenge asked us to plant something. One of my favorite activities during the spring and summer is gardening. The kids love to watch the plants and flowers grow around our home. It's become routine to walk outside and admire all the new life that sprouts up. We clip the hydrangea and gardenia flowers and bring them inside to enjoy.

We've had a garden bed for quite some time now, and we try our best to plant a few vegetables and herbs every year. Life can get so busy and gardening really helps us to slow our pace. It's also one of those activities that helps me enjoy just being in the moment and having a heart of gratitude. If you've never planted something, this is the perfect time to try!

You don't have to go overboard and plant anything crazy. It could be one vegetable, herb or flower. There is so much joy watching it grow.

leafy plant in garden bed

Tip 1: Use the Right Soil

We purchased soil that was appropriate for our garden bed. If you are planting something inside a pot, make sure to buy potting soil. I put new soil on one side of our garden bed. We decided to just focus on one side since the other side already had herbs that come back year after year.

The random large leafy plant is from last fall’s pumpkins. Instead of throwing away old pumpkins, I just throw them into the garden. They decompose and basically replant themselves. It's awesome!

Recently, we took the kids to buy some vegetable seedlings. We wanted to try a new vegetable that the kids enjoy eating and so we purchased some snap peas. I've noticed that my kids are more willing to eat the vegetables they grow because they feel a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Garden bed with new plants in boxes

Tip 2: Follow the Directions on the Seedlings or Flowers You're Planting

The instructions will tell you how far apart and how deep you need to plant the seedlings. We planted peppers, cucumbers and snap peas.

Garden bed with labels

Tip 3: Keep the Little Label Sticks

I recommend keeping the label sticks so you remember what plants you have. If you're planting a variety of vegetables or herbs, this is quite helpful since they usually contain instructions for watering and care.. There have been times we planted vegetables and we totally forgot what they were. Now, we keep the labels in the soil next to the plants.

Woman gardening

Tip 4: Add Mulch Over the Soil

The heat can dry up the vegetables and mulch helps retain moisture during the day when it gets super hot and humid. You can also add a vegetable fertilizer if it's not already added in the soil. I carefully added mulch on top of the soil.

Garden bed with new plants

Tip 5: Water as Needed

We typically water our garden once a day since the temperature reaches pretty high. Sometimes, plants need different amounts, so be sure to read the directions.

Plants in garden

Tip 6: Have Fun Watching Everything Grow!

This is the best part. We love when it comes time to harvest and we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

If a garden bed feels overwhelming, you don’t need to start that big. Instead you can try planting an herb in a pot. Keep it on your window sill or leave it on your porch. Watch it grow and clip some every time you cook at home. Herbs add delicious flavor and great nutritional value to your diet. They are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants.

Gardening provides both physical and mental benefits and it's truly a wonderful way to destress and find tranquility. It can also be an unexpected way to experience joy and a tremendous amount of satisfaction.

Here's to watching our little seedlings turn into yummy vegetables!

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Writer: Yuni Min
Yuni is an interior designer, professional stager and blogger. When she’s not staging homes, she’s caring for her children and foster children or posting her favorite recipes. A natural for design, she finds interior decoration serves as a creative outlet that allows her to feel centered and whole.

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