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Supplies in a basket
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Feel Whole Challenge Day 7: Organizing a Space in Your Home That Causes Stress

Is there any area in your home that causes you stress? Maybe it's full of clutter and it keeps on collecting items that don't necessarily belong there. For Day 7 of the Feel Whole Challenge, we had to tackle one area in our home that has been causing us stress.

Since summer is in full force, my kids are home. Naturally, that means more messes. They love to do crafts, and since we have an open floor plan, we are usually either in the kitchen, breakfast area or family room. When working with an open floor plan, you have to be a little creative in having designated areas that function best for your home.

Behind our large breakfast table is our console table with deep large baskets. These baskets contain a bunch of craft supplies, notebooks and workbooks. They were overflowing with random papers, old workbooks and other items. It was a good time to tackle this area to make it more functional for our family as well as figuring out how to keep this area more tidy over time.

Here are some tips to organizing kids' crafts using large baskets.

Tip 1: Remove Everything From the Baskets

Take everything out so that you can sort through all of the items.

Tip 2: Throw Away Old, Missing and Broken Items

This is the perfect time to throw away broken crayons, old markers, finished workbooks, etc.

Supplies in a basket

Tip 3: Use Smaller Containers

Use smaller containers, bins or baskets to corral like items together. I used school boxes that the kids brought home and divided crayons, markers, scissors, glue and beads. I placed all the workbooks, coloring books and notebooks in the basket. I like them with the spines facing up so the kids can easily find which book they need.

Pens, pencils and markers in cups

Metal containers are also easy for the kids to use and place back into the smaller bin.

The deep baskets are great for holding a good amount of crafts and books. The best part is that they hide everything from plain sight, which I love the most.

Basket under side table

This area is so clean now! The kids have been working at putting things away. When items have their designated home, it's easy for everyone to be consistent in putting it back where it belongs. I love that this solution is both functional and stylish. The best part is it took me less than 30 minutes!

What area is stressing you out in your home? Maybe you can work on that small junk drawer or medicine cabinet. Organizing gives me such great mental benefits, and decluttering really does relieve my stress!

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Writer: Yuni Min
Yuni is an interior designer, professional stager and blogger. When she’s not staging homes, she’s caring for her children and foster children or posting her favorite recipes. A natural for design, she finds interior decoration serves as a creative outlet that allows her to feel centered and whole.

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