3 Easy Steps to Frame a Favorite Photo

Family photo in floral frame
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Feel Whole Challenge Day 17: Frame a Photo That Brings You Joy

On Day 17 of the Feel Whole Challenge, I get to frame a photo that brings me joy. We live in a time where the majority if not all of our photos are stored digitally. Most of them live permanently in our phones and we rarely think to print them out.

I loved this particular challenge because I adore looking at photos of our family and loved ones in our home. To me, personal photos are what help to make a house a home. I love seeing the precious faces of my children at the beach or simply a candid shot of my husband and me.

Instead of just framing a photo in a normal frame, I wanted to share a simple DIY using leftover wallpaper I had. You can also use any type of printed paper like cardstock or scrapbooking paper. It creates a pretty border around the photo and you can use so many different types of patterns and colors to make it unique.

Here's how to make your own.

Floral paper for crafting

Step 1: Cut the paper to fit inside the frame

Make sure your glass is all nice and clean too. Once you have your paper cut to the right dimension, grab some scotch tape.

Step 2: Roll two pieces of tape and stick them on the paper

You don't need much tape. You just need enough for your photo to stick gently onto the paper. The photo will stay in place once it's against the glass. Just be sure to position it as straight as possible.

Photo in frame with floral paper

Step 3: Gently place it face down on top of the glass

Finish it off by enclosing it like you normally would and that's it! It's such an easy way to add some visual interest to a photo.

Family photo in floral frame

So precious! I could look at these faces every day. This would also make a great gift for the grandparents.

I hope this inspires you to print out that special photo and frame it. Looking at photos of your loved ones will boost your spirit and remind you of some great memories associated with those images.

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Writer: Yuni Min

Yuni is an interior designer, professional stager and blogger. When she’s not staging homes, she’s caring for her children and foster children or posting her favorite recipes. A natural for design, she finds interior decoration serves as a creative outlet that allows her to feel centered and whole.

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