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About the Author

Dr. Jeffrey Kuhlman is Senior Vice President and Chief Quality and Safety Officer for AdventHealth. Before joining AdventHealth, he served for 30 years as a Navy Physician, spending 16 years with the President and the White House as Physician to the President, Director of the White House Medical Unit, White House Physician, and Senior Flight Surgeon for Marine One. Dr. Kuhlman is triple board-certified in Aerospace, Family, and Occupational Medicine. He is board-certified in medical management, was awarded a certificate in traveler’s health, and holds credentials as a Certified Professional in Patient Safety and a Certified Physician Executive.

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More About Dr. Kuhlman

As Physician to the President, Dr. Kuhlman coordinated comprehensive healthcare for the President and the First Family, oversaw medical care for the Vice President (and family), senior White House staff, and Cabinet rank members, was responsible for emergency medical actions and contingency planning of the White House Medical Unit integrated with the Secret Service details, and provided guidance and advice on all joint service, inter-agency, and international matters for medical contingency planning and operations supporting the continuity of the presidency and an enduring constitutional government with oversight of force protection, population health, and workplace health and safety programs for all workers and guests on the White House complex.

Dr. Kuhlman has traveled to over 90 countries reviewing their healthcare resources. His Global Health expertise includes the Certificate in Traveler Health by the International Society of Travel Medicine.

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Transformative Healthcare: A Physician-Led Prescription to Save Thousands of Lives and Millions of Dollars