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What if every patient received the kind of focused personal attention Dr. Kuhlman used with three U.S. Presidents? Kuhlman and Peach show how this level of care can be achieved now.

In Transformative Healthcare, Jeffrey Kuhlman, MD and Daniel J. Peach unveil a step-by-step game plan to save millions of dollars and thousands of lives. How do they know it works? They’ve implemented it in several hospitals and seen dramatic results.

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Dr. Kuhlman has spent his career emphasizing the merits of the patient-doctor relationship. Each one is unique. That’s been his approach to care, whether it’s with U.S. Presidents or with the person who shows up in an emergency room on a Saturday evening. Daniel Peach is an expert on human performance and change principles, as evidenced in his work in the ever-changing world of security and in hospital administration.

Together, and through a series of trials and errors, Kuhlman and Peach have come up with logical solutions to the healthcare dilemma, one event at a time. The answers are not some distant concepts in the ether. They’re right in front us. It just takes a method to make them actionable. Kuhlman and Peach have the method. They eagerly and clearly share it in this book.

The genesis of these transformative methods goes back to their experiences with chest-pain patients in emergency departments. By developing a quick five-phase HEART Score rather than defaulting to tests (expensive and oftentimes unnecessary), they saved $32 million annually in just chest-pain events … in one hospital. Outpatient care doubled and admission rates dropped by half.

Since then, similar methods have been implemented for patients undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Graft surgery, resulting in improved mortality and fewer readmissions. They’ve also developed a sepsis algorithm, which has resulted in 1,200 more patients every year living post-implementation.

Saving money. Saving lives. Improving the culture of healthcare. Doing what’s best for patients is also what’s best for our healthcare system. The proof is in Transformative Healthcare with steps spelled out to make it replicable in any department of any healthcare provider.

About the Authors

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Jeffrey Kuhlman, MD, MPH

Senior Vice President and Chief Quality and Safety Officer for AdventHealth Orlando, Kuhlman formerly served at the White House as Physician to the President.

headshot Daniel Peach

Daniel J. Peach

Director of Clinical Transformation at AdventHealth Orlando, Peach is a long-term proponent of integrating people, processes, and technology to create positive change.

Hear From the Authors

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  • Learn how Kuhlman and Peach combined their experience and expertise with research and an evidence-based approach to develop their book on transforming health care culture.


Clear, rational insights into how to transform healthcare . . .

-- James L. Gulley MD, PhD, FACP, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health

The prescription . . . likely to heal what ails the U.S. healthcare system.

-- Bradley A. Connor, MD, AGA-F, FIDSA, FACP, FRCPS (Glas), Weill Cornell Medical College

The freshest, most resonant, and compelling thinking I have encountered in my career on how to improve America’s healthcare system.

-- James A. D’Orta, MD, FACEP, Georgetown University School of Medicine

If you truly want to get to patient-centered care, this is a must-read book.

-- Peter Angood, MD, American Association for Physician Leadership (AAPL)

From Navy flight surgeon to Physician to the President of the United States to hospital executive, Dr. Jeff Kuhlman . . . describes how his experiences from patient bedside to hospital boardroom have enabled him to develop practical and effective ways to improve patient care in America.

-- E. Connie Mariano, MD, FACP, Author, The White House Doctor: My Patients Were Presidents

If medicine is leaving you frustrated, burned out, and exhausted, now is the time to follow these distinguished healers to the place you wanted to be when you chose medicine. You can start today!

-- Lewis A. Hofmann, MD, FAAFP, Col (ret) USAF, MC, FS, Former White House Physician

Transformative Healthcare Podcast

Is it possible? Can we really transform healthcare as we know it? Kuhlman and Peach wouldn’t be writing this book if all they had were another theoretical exercise. They’re actually doing it. Here, they provide a roadmap and adjustable formulas that any organization or constituency can implement. It’s proven to work for doctors, administrators, and for the person at the heart of our work: the patient. And we should all agree, that’s the bottom line that matters most.

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Pages: 304 pages

Language: English

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