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Daniel Peach is Director of Clinical Transformation at AdventHealth Orlando. A registered Osteopath in the United Kingdom with a specialty in sports medicine, Peach has worked with elite athletes, served as Chief Operations Officer for an international fiber-optic telecommunications firm, managed sensitive international security issues to ensure the safety of frontline personnel, and worked in law enforcement. He is a long-term proponent of integrating people, processes, and technology to create positive change. In every role, he has seen the value of relationships and recognizes that the best data and technology are meaningless without a personal approach to care.

More About Daniel Peach

In every facet of his career, Peach has seen first-hand that the most in-depth data and the greatest technology the world has ever seen are all meaningless unless they’re tied to a real customer experience. And that is perhaps the most crucial link in making a meaningful healthcare transformation: relationships. He is co-podcaster of the Transformative Healthcare Podcast.

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Transformative Healthcare: A Physician-Led Prescription to Save Thousands of Lives and Millions of Dollars