Woman wearing a number plate running in an event.

Motion Analysis for a Complete Picture

Our experts will evaluate your speed, flexibility, balance, motion and posture. If there is a movement-related dysfunction, we'll identify the underlying causes and design a personalized plan to improve your strength, symmetry and movement.

We look for:

  • Step and stride length
  • Foot strike (the way your foot contacts the ground)
  • Cadence (the number of steps you take in a given period)
  • Running symmetry and efficiency
  • Foot, knee and hip angle

Your program assessment includes:

  • Personalized running analysis using state-of-the-art technology
  • Functional movement assessment performed by our running mechanics experts
  • Customized exercise program for running health
  • Shoe-wear recommendations, as needed

Impact Reduction for Improved Performance

Our leading-edge running program also offers impact reduction training on our Boost Microgravity Treadmill. This training technology allows you to unload up to 80% of your body weight to reduce pain, rehab lower body injuries and train harder and longer with less impact. Unloaded running allows athletes to run at faster intensities earlier in the rehab and recovery process.

Young woman reviewing a workout plan with her trainer in the gym.

Take the First Step and Schedule an Assessment

In our RunPFX Program, our running experts will help you improve your performance from training days to race day. Schedule an assessment now and get started. We’re ready to cheer you on.

Teaming Up for Winning Care

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