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Patient Testimonial: Betty Sutton, Pain Management Therapy

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Betty Sutton tells their story of how the AdventHealth Medical Group Spine Health team helped to diagnose, treat and heal their condition. Read their testimonial to learn more about our approach to helping our patients live pain-free.

After living with aches and pains for 15 years due to arthritis and ruptured discs, Betty Sutton knew something needed to change when she was unable to enjoy walking around Dillard’s, her favorite store at the Altamonte Mall. Her everyday back pain was interfering with her life to an unacceptable degree. With the aim of taking control of her health, she began searching for a spine specialist who might be able to help.

When a friend told her about the excellent treatment she had received at AdventHealth Medical Group Spine Health in Altamonte Springs, Fla., Betty resolved to take action. After obtaining a referral from her primary care physician, she immediately made an appointment for evaluation by Dr. Chetan Patel, the institute’s medical director and a renowned spine surgeon who focuses on identifying the most effective and least-invasive treatments for back and neck pain. It was a decision that would change her life.

After examining Betty and getting a thorough understanding of her condition, Dr. Patel explained that an effective pain management program could substantially reduce her symptoms and allow her to resume a more normal lifestyle. He referred her to his colleague, Dr. Kayvan Ariani, who is a board-certified anesthesiologist and pain management specialist at the institute.

By the end of her first pain management appointment, Betty had no doubt that she was in good hands. Dr. Ariani, she said, is “very professional and personable—this is a rare combination.”

Having carefully reviewed Betty’s condition, and in consultation with Dr. Patel, Dr. Ariani recommended a series of injections aimed at relieving her pain and hopefully avoiding the need for surgery – something for which Betty was very grateful. Results of this treatment were quite positive, with Betty reporting a substantial decrease in her pain that in fact did allow her to circumvent any surgery.

Betty is extremely thankful to Dr. Ariani, Dr. Patel and the entire team at the institute. She even gave a special heart-felt thanks to Imelda, a team member who started her IV.

“I have awful veins and it’s hard for people to find them,” Betty said. To her surprise, Imelda started her IV on the first try, which made Betty want to “carry her around in my pocket” for future treatments.

AdventHealth Medical Group Spine Health strives to provide the most compassionate care along with the most advanced and minimally invasive treatment options for every patient. Stories like Betty’s confirm that we are fulfilling that mission. Summing up her journey with us, Betty says “It was a great experience – I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you!”

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