Florida Hospital Proudly Recognizes Dr. Chetan Patel

A doctor takes notes during a patient appointment.
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Florida Hospital and The Spine Center would like to proudly recognize Dr. Chetan Patel, Medical Director of The Spine Center, on his latest contribution to the literature. Dr. Patel's most recent contribution is a chapter in the Rothman-Simeone The Spine 6th Edition Volume 2. This textbook is an exemplary tool for physicians specializing in caring for spine patients. This series is frequently used as a primary reference for physicians training in residency and fellowship programs including those at the nation's leading hospitals.

The chapter is a detailed discussion of spinal stenosis, a common condition seen in Dr. Patel's practice. The content is dedicated to the pathology and diagnosis of this condition. Understanding patient symptoms and methods of diagnosing spinal stenosis ensures appropriate treatment recommendations.

This chapter joins the list of more than 20 works that Dr. Patel has published in numerous medical journals as well as other significant publications. Dr. Patel continues to use his extensive training and diverse experiences to be at the forefront for education.

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