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Leading with Curiosity: AdventHealth CEO Terry Shaw Shares Insights

Terry Shaw leadership strategies on FranklinCovey podcast

“To get results you have to be able to lead others,” said Terry Shaw, president and CEO for AdventHealth. “But before you can lead others you have to lead yourself.”

That was among the many nuggets from his four-decade journey with AdventHealth that Shaw shared in a recent FranklinCovey podcast, “C-suite Conversations.” Shaw represented the first health system to be featured in the series that, according to host Scott Miller, seeks to enlighten listeners with ideas from industry leaders on what they do that others can do “to build our own careers, whether you want to be in the C-suite or not.”

Along with insights gleaned on the path from internal audit to serving as CEO of a hospital system with more than 50 hospitals across multiple states, Shaw described orchestrating a communications strategy that clearly delivers AdventHealth’s message. “I want the person receiving the care to have the same experience whether they’re in Florida or in Kansas or in Denver, Colorado, and I want them to understand that when you see an AdventHealth sign – regardless if that’s a hospital, an urgent care center, a physician’s office – you know what that stands for, how you’re going to be cared for and what’s important to our organization as we think about you and your health,” he said.

A self-described “naturally curious individual” who lights up when he talks about facets of leading with curiosity, Shaw said, “If you think of yourself as the smartest person in the room, you’re in big trouble, you’re going to miss something.”

Along with more personal insights, such as his most influential mentor, his favorite book and what he believes to be his greatest superpower, Shaw also shared what skills are needed to master a thriving career and the “two big trends that are going to take over health care over the next 15 years.”

To hear more, listen to the podcast, Leading with Curiosity.

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