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AdventHealth Global Missions Program Embraces Kenya as 16th Footprint

AdventHealth Global Missions Program Embraces Kenya as 16th Footprint

In February, AdventHealth expanded its Global Missions footprint to 16 with the addition of Kendu Adventist Hospital in Kenya. Established in 1925 by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the hospital, located in Homa Bay County on the eastern part of Lake Victoria, has 170 beds and offers preventive care and diagnostic, curative and rehabilitative services for its patients.

In recent years, Kendu Adventist Hospital has undergone significant growth, extending its reach to include a School of Medical Sciences, an elementary school and a Comprehensive Care Center, in addition to its existing hospital facilities. This institution’s foundation lies in its commitment to serving others with dedication, empathy and a genuine desire to make a positive impact.

Philip Gai, CEO of Kendu Adventist Hospital, shared, “The partnership between AdventHealth and Kendu Adventist Hospital means a lot to us. It comes at a time when we are on the verge of celebrating 100 years since Kendu was established in 1925. This partnership enables us to forge ahead with a clear mission focusing on the next 100 years of medical missionary work in this part of the world and beyond.”

The new collaboration will be under the executive sponsorship of Bill Heinrich, vice president and chief financial officer for the Mid-America Region of AdventHealth. David Kennedy, regional executive director of mission and ministry, also supported him in managing the relationship with Kendu Adventist Hospital.

“This partnership focuses on providing advanced-level medical care during an annual medical mission trip,” shared Heinrich.

In February 2024, AdventHealth took its first clinical team to Kenya. During their visit, the team served 2,800 patients, distributed 1,300 pairs of glasses, performed over 50 surgical procedures and collaborated closely with local partners. The team also spent time educating the community on health practices so that they could sustain the same quality of care provided by the clinical team during their stay.

In addition to supporting the supplemental growth and quality of medical services for this hospital, this partnership is focused on improving outpatient education and is actively fundraising for a new CAT scan or MRI machine. The partnership also strives to open avenues for AdventHealth team members to volunteer through annual trips led by the AdventHealth Global Missions program, which gives team members the opportunity to make an impact on health care access and infrastructure in communities across the globe.

Kenya footprint signing
Making it official: From left to right, Denny Hong, MD, medical director of Kendu Adventist Hospital; Bill Heinrich, chief financial officer for AdventHealth Mid-America Region and executive sponsor for the footprint; Phillip Gai, chief executive officer for Kendu Adventist Hospital; Elder Samuel Misiani, president of the West Kenya Union Conference; David Kennedy, regional executive director of mission and ministry, AdventHealth Mid-America Region; and surgeon Robert Aragon, MD.

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