Florida Hospital Waterman Launches New Biometric Identification System for Patient Registration

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Patients at Florida Hospital Waterman are now offering their hand instead of their ID when they register for care. PatientSecure, a device that images veins in the hand, went live this month to register and identify patients. Palm vein patterns remain stable throughout a lifetime and cannot be duplicated or forged. The PatientSecure device uses infrared light to scan the palm, then links the unique biometric trait to each patients electronic health record. Once an image is captured for a patient, the scan will be used for subsequent registrations.

This simple scanning and identification process improves our patient experience, explains Reeve Wall, Director of Patient Financial Services at Florida Hospital Waterman. PatientSecure provides an easier registration process and allows for a secure, easy, and accelerated check in.

Palm vein recognition is one of the safest and most accurate patient identification methods available. Hospitals that use this technology report a reduction in medical identity fraud and improved accuracy of medical records.

One of the first and most important steps in the care delivery process is accurate patient identification. PatientSecure gives our facilities an advanced tool to digitally link each patient to their unique personal health record, said Fran Crunk, Chief Financial Officer for Florida Hospital Waterman.

In addition, if a patient without identification arrives at Florida Hospital Waterman unconscious or unable to communicate, PatientSecure can be a lifesaving tool that quickly identifies the individual, opens their electronic health record, and alerts medical professionals to crucial information, including medical history, allergies and current medications.

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