Florida Hospital Waterman Jogs, Cycles and Dances its Way to Steady Weight Loss Success

Two women running outside in the fall.
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Florida Hospital Watermans 2016 health and fitness challenge kicked off employee new years resolutions by encouraging steady weight loss beginning in January. A total of 106 participants lost a combined weight of 452 pounds over the course of the 10 in 10 program, measured with weekly weigh-ins. Fitness clubs promoting strength and a healthy metabolism were offered, including fitness training, Zumba, walking/jogging, and cycling. Participants were also encouraged to follow a nutritious eating plan throughout the 10 weeks. The 10 in 10 weight loss initiative was a part of CREATION Life, Florida Hospital Watermans whole-person wellness philosophy. CREATION Life is a lifestyle transformation plan guided by eight universal principles, including activity and nutrition. We wanted to focus on a healthy reduction in calorie dense foods while staying active to promote a slower, steadier weight loss, said Candace Huber, Director of Mission Development and CREATION Life. A special celebration was held Thursday to recognize participants for their hard work and commitment to the program. The top weight loss winners were Laura Maple and Ralph Longanecker, who lost 18.8 pounds and 16.3 pounds respectively. There were 13 total employees who lost 10 or more pounds, 22 who lost between 5 and 9.9 pounds and 26 employees who lost between 2 and 4.9 pounds. Research indicates that for every pound of weight, four pounds of force is exerted on knee, ankle and hip joints, so a reduction in weight means less wear and tear on joints. Shedding 5-10 percent of weight can also reduce the risk for diabetes by 60 percent, said Huber. Those are the clinical motivators, but feeling more energy, having more confidence and having a brighter mood are also great results from weight loss. The next CREATION Life weight loss initiative will be coming this summer. CREATION Life also offers programs and classes open to the community featuring a variety of topics focused on whole person health and lifestyle transformation. For a list of available classes or to register for a class visit, www.ConryCREATIONHealth.com.

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