Sister Act

Sister's Debbie and Randi on the tennis court.
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Randi Jenney and Debbie Plaxen are sisters and best friends. They do everything together including having total knee replacement surgery.

Jenney met AdventHealth Waterman Orthopedic Surgeon, Samir Guru three years ago when she was experiencing left knee pain.

“I work in a field where I see many clients a day. When I was having knee issues, I would ask people if they knew a good physician in the area and 90 percent of the time, I heard Dr. Guru’s name,” stated Jenney.

After a successful surgery, Jenney returned to Dr. Guru two years later when her right knee began bothering her. He told her the right knee needed the procedure.

Meanwhile, Jenney’s sister Debbie Plaxen, who lives in South Florida, had her own issues and needed a total knee replacement. Jenney told her sister about Dr. Guru.

“It was coincidental that I had just found out that I needed my knee replacement and I knew Randi did the research,” said Plaxen. “I did more research, and said absolutely,”

The knee pain that the sisters were experiencing affected their normally active lifestyles.

Jenney explained, “The impact on me was the same as my sister. I had issues walking and going to the gym. I couldn’t get on the treadmill for long periods of time without pain and inflammation.”

During a follow up appointment with Dr. Guru, Jenney told him about her sister’s situation. “Would you mind doing the surgery for my sister and me. She lives in South Florida, but I was wondering if we can schedule it the same time, day and hour with you.”

Dr. Guru response was to, “make it happen.”

After two successful total knee replacement surgeries, the sisters even arranged to go through the recovery process together.

“When you have to do recovery with your sister it's a lot of fun. We did physical therapy together three times a day for the first three weeks. The first time we did something, it was fun, we just cheered each other on,” stated Plaxen.

“The recovery standpoint compared to my first knee was a lot more fun,” said Jenney. “I mean, we would dance. We have videos of us dancing, I think a week after surgery.”

Both ladies are so thankful to be back doing everything they love including, playing tennis, pickleball and going to the gym.

Find out how we can help you return to the things you love most through our whole-person approach to joint care at AdventHealth Waterman.

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