Dancing Again

Duncan Engh dancing with his wife.
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Duncan Engh, a winter resident of The Villages, had lived an active lifestyle playing golf and pickleball and riding his motorcycle. Until he couldn’t.
“I had discomfort with my knee, and I knew it was time to have something done because I couldn't do anything more for myself,” recalls Engh.

Engh decided to get relief from AdventHealth Waterman board-certified orthopedic surgeon Jon Radnothy, DO after attending several presentations about knee replacement in Florida and in Minnesota, where he resides during the summer months.

Engh explains, “It was kind of like hiring. I own businesses and I’ve hired a lot of people in my life, and Dr. Radnothy had all the right answers.”

“We've worked hard over the years to be the best, not just be adequate with everybody else,” said Dr. Radnothy. “I've got a lot of patients from The Villages, Lady Lake area. They rave about how wonderful AdventHealth Waterman is. I cannot tell you how many times they've said it's the best hospital they've ever been in.”

Dr. Radnothy recommended that Engh undergo a robotic total knee replacement to relieve the pain. Engh was impressed by how the hospital prepared him for the procedure.

“It was unbelievable. I remember there was a nurse there, a dietician to help you choose different foods with protein, and there was even a physical therapist there that told you the type of exercises that you should do prior to the surgery and what you should expect to do after the surgery,” said Engh.

“The robot adds a whole different element of precision and consistency when you do that procedure. And it's not really a robot, it's a robotic arm, just to be clear, that has been a tremendous, tremendous blessing for this community,” said Dr. Radnothy. “It's been interesting to see even how much better and how much faster they recover with the robot when we use that just because it's more precise, and it's really neat.”

“I began to walk right away after the surgery. I think that afternoon or early evening I got up, they had a walker ready and I walked around the nurses' desk,” said Engh. “I started to notice a difference right away.”

Now Engh is back to his active lifestyle. He goes golfing a couple times a week, plays pickleball and tennis at least twice a week and enjoys dancing with his wife. “I can't imagine life without this surgery,” says Engh.

Learn more about the ways the orthopedic program at AdventHealth Waterman can help get you back on your feet and live a pain-free life.

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