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Our team will make sure you're on the right path to a healthier, stronger you.

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Could your immune system be compromised? Take this quiz to find out.

Questions 1-7

The questionnaire was not validated in clinical studies; it is designed to increase awareness of possible risk factors, not for clinical use.

For each question answered yes, score 1 point:

1. You sleep less than 7 hours a night?

2. Do you work night shifts?

3. Do you feel stressed or depressed most days?

4. Do you feel lonely or isolated, without friends?

5. Are you mostly sedentary?

6. Do you spend less than 3 hours per week in nature?

7. Do you smoke or drink more than 7 alcoholic beverages per week?

Questions 8-12

For each question answered yes, score 1 point:

8. Do you eat less than a plateful of colorful vegetables and less than a serving of fruit per day?

9. Were you born by C-section or not breastfed?

10. Were you exposed to any antibiotics in the first year of life or more than three courses of antibiotics in the first 3 years of life?

11. Do you use pesticides or have never heard of the "dirty dozen"?

12. Are you on a proton pump inhibitor like Prilosec, Protonix, Nexium, Prevacid, etc?

Questions 13-18

For each question answered yes, score 2 points:

13. Are you over 65 years of age?

14. Do you have any chronic conditions, such as diabetes, asthma or other chronic lung disease, autoimmune disease, heart disease, cancer or chronic kidney disease?

15. Are you on any immuno-suppressive medication (Prednisone, Biologics, chemotherapy)?

16. Is your vitamin D level low, or you don't know?

17. Is your C-reactive protein elevated, or you don't know?

18. Do you carry extra fat around your belly?


Add up your points to determine your results.

0: Perfect score.

1-3: You scored in the lower category, but you are not off the hook. It is never too early to work on prevention. ​

4-8 : You should take a close look at your health and habits, as your immune system likely needs help. You might be at risk of developing more health issues if you do not address the points where you scored high.​

9-24: People with poor immune status are in a higher risk of more severe infection, hospitalization and poor outcomes. Sadly, they may not respond as well to a vaccine either. You may want to start working on your lifestyle immediately. Schedule an appointment to improve your risk through lifestyle changes by calling the Whole Health Institute at Call913-632-3550, and/or contact your primary care physician.

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