AdventHealth Murray Offers $30 Mammograms in April and May

Schedule your mammogram during April and May for just $30 for self-pay patients.

Angela Blaylock, Melissa Pendley and Janie Mosley proudly wear the “Wonderfully Made” t-shirts that are being given to patients who get their mammograms during April and May.

Last year, many people put off preventative care and screenings due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To combat this, AdventHealth Murray is dedicated to making sure our community gets the care they need, which is why the hospital is offering screening mammograms in 30 minutes for just $30 for self-pay patients with easy online booking in April and May.

Many things have changed in the last year, but your commitment to your health and those you love shouldn’t be one of them. Getting a mammogram isn’t something women should delay. Breast cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer death in women in the U.S. and having your annual mammogram could be lifesaving.

“Screening mammograms find breast cancer earlier,” said Craig Box, MD, surgical oncologist at AdventHealth Medical Group General Surgery. “An earlier stage diagnosis typically equates with a higher cure rate, a better quality of life and simpler care.”

Annual mammograms are still the top-recommended screening for women because it allows the earliest possible detection of issues before you experience symptoms. Catching breast cancer early means:

  • Therapies like breast conservation therapy will be most effective
  • Treatment can begin early, possibly before cancer spreads to other parts of your body
  • You’ll have the best possible chance for recovery

“Localized breast cancer is 98 percent curable when caught early,” said Lanell Jacobs, director of oncology services at AdventHealth Gordon. “That is why it is so important for women to get their mammograms at the appropriate age.”

It is recommended that women begin getting mammograms at age 40 unless there is a family history of breast cancer. If you’re between ages 20 and 40, you should have a clinical breast exam by your doctor every three years.

AdventHealth Murray is also taking extra precautions to keep you safe when you visit with temperature checks, universal mask use and social distancing.

Patients can schedule a mammogram at AdventHealth Murray by calling 706-517-3717 or visiting AdventHealthMurray.com/mammo.