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Expert IV Infusions

For Essential Treatments

Medicine can affect your body in many different ways, which is why it can be administered in different ways — like in a pill, a shot or through a patch. For some medicines and conditions, the best delivery method is the most direct: into the veins, which is called intravenous (or IV) infusion.

When an IV is the best tool to treat your condition, the AdventHealth Infusion team is here for you with the skill and compassion you deserve. Our outpatient infusion center is designed to make your time with us as comfortable and stress-free as possible, so you can get the vital medications you need to feel better and get back to your life.

Knowledge Is Power

Understand How Infusion Works

When medications are made or modified so they can be infused, your body actually uses more of the medicine. That's because it goes straight into your blood instead of being filtered through other parts of your body.

Infusion medications also allow your dose to be precisely controlled, which is important for medicines that need to be given slowly, but constantly.

An infusion can last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. During the infusion, medication flows from a bag and into a tube connected to your veins with a small needle. Though most people don't get sick from infusion, our team will monitored your for side effects before you leave our center.

Infusion Therapy

From a Trusted Care Team

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Outpatient Infusions

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We have a new centralized phone line to make outpatient infusions easy for you. Call Call606-598-5104 x3329 to get started.