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A Cautionary Story of Colon Cancer

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The Importance of a Colonoscopy

Mrs. Allen spoke about the general hesitancy to get a colonoscopy among males. She shared that her husband was "not feeling great for a long time," she said that he showed symptoms but was still hesitant to get tested. "That's not that untypical for males, for our husbands to do that," she lamented. During a regular diabetic checkup, where he mentioned symptoms, Mrs. Allen recalls that "Dr. Rice didn't hesitate a minute before sending him for a colonoscopy" and also restated that he was advised to do so on many occasions. She tried to convey the importance of having a colonoscopy when experiencing symptoms and to take those symptoms seriously. She very mournfully said, "it's a totally preventable death."

Prioritizing your Health

On November 19th, 2019, James was diagnosed with cancer. Mrs. Allen talked about how he had surgery to "begin treatment immediately" and that "The surgeon told us that it was Stage 4 (cancer)." She again underscored the importance of early action, given that his case of cancer had grown into the liver and required immediate and urgent attention. She also remarked that even though quality care "gave them an extra two years with James," there were steps, or preventative care, that could have treated this disease at a much earlier stage.

Taking Action

Mrs. Allen concluded by saying, "I'm here to encourage you to talk to your doctor," and urged residents to be proactive about their health regarding colorectal cancer. Above all, she mentioned the importance of a colonoscopy in colorectal health. The American Medical Association recommends all adults get a colonoscopy at age 45 and periodically every ten years. She described the colonoscopy as a "peace of mind" and said, "don't wait- Talk to your doctor!"

Men, it's time to take your health seriously. Be proactive about your health. We're dedicated to your optimal health, and now that you've found your men's health care partner, let's get started.

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