How can we help you at AdventHealth Heart of Florida?

  • Bariatric and Weight Care

    We understand your commitment to losing weight. We're here to help with support and education to keep your weight down, long after bariatric surgery.

    Cancer Care

    AdventHealth Heart of Florida provides the latest technology and leading-edge treatments for all types of cancer. Learn more about cancer care in Davenport.

    Cardiovascular Care

    We deliver compassionate heart care, so you feel your best. Whether you have heart disease, arrhythmia or another condition, rest assured that we can help.

    Diabetes Care

    You can count on us to help manage diabetes. From nutritional counseling to treatment and ongoing care, our endocrinologists are with you every step of the way.

    Digestive Care

    Find trusted digestive care at AdventHealth Heart of Florida, formerly Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center.

    Ear, Nose and Throat Care

    Our ear, nose and throat doctors offer compassionate care for ENT conditions, including ear infections, and hearing loss, along with allergy and sleep apnea care.

    Emergency Care

    When each moment counts, we're here for you. Find quick care at our ER or conveniently located urgent care centers near Davenport, Lakeland and Winter Haven.

    Eye Care

    Whether you need routine eye care, help with vision issues or treatment for eye disease, you can count on us for expert and compassionate vision care.

    Home Health Care

    Our in-home health care empowers your recovery with the whole-person support you need in the comfort of your own surroundings.

    Imaging Services

    Good health starts with a clear picture. We offer many radiology imaging services, including diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine and interventional radiology.

    Infectious Disease

    You can count on AdventHealth Heart of Florida for expert infectious disease diagnosis and treatment.

    Lab Services

    Whether you need routine lab tests or screenings, AdventHealth Heart of Florida has you covered.

    Men's Health Care

    You can count on us for expert men’s care. From routine exams and preventive health screenings to prostate cancer treatment, our team empowers you to feel whole.

    Mother and Baby Care

    At AdventHealth Heart of Florida, our supportive doctors and nurses offer comprehensive mother and baby care to help you welcome your new baby into the world.

    Neurology Care

    At AdventHealth Heart of Florida, our neurologists and other experts work to treat and manage a wide range of neurological conditions.

    Orthopedic Care

    Orthopedic doctors at AdventHealth Heart of Florida offer comprehensive care to relieve muscle and joint pain — and help you get moving.

    Pain Care

    At AdventHealth Heart of Florida, pain management doctors offer comprehensive relief from pain and other symptoms that disrupt your life.

    Plastic Surgery

    Find expert plastic surgery care at AdventHealth Heart of Florida, formerly Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center.

    Primary Care

    From nutrition counseling and treatment for specific chronic conditions to ongoing care, our primary care doctors are here for every sickness and every milestone.

    Pulmonary Care

    Find expert and compassionate pulmonary care at AdventHealth Heart of Florida. From diagnosis to treatment, our pulmonologists offer the full range of care.

    Rehab Care

    Get back on your feet with expert rehab care. Our physical therapy program, outpatient program and speech therapists help you regain your strength effectively.

    Rheumatology Care

    You can count on AdventHealth Heart of Florida physicians for compassionate rheumatology care.

    Senior Care

    We’re honored to deliver compassionate, respectful geriatric care to seniors in Davenport, Florida. It’s our privilege to serve older adults and their loved ones.

    Surgical Care

    At every stage of your surgical care, we're here for you in body, mind and spirit. We offer cataract surgery, hernia surgery, carpal tunnel surgery and more.

    Urgent Care

    When you need care fast, AdventHealth Heart of Florida local Centra Care locations offer walk-in services for minor illnesses and injuries.

    Urological Care

    Get expert, compassionate care for a wide range of urology conditions, from routine to complex at AdventHealth Heart of Florida.

    Vascular Care

    Our team of vascular care experts offers comprehensive vein care, from leading-edge treatments to minimally invasive procedures to help you feel confident.

    Wellness Care

    From nutritional counseling to helping you find support groups near Davenport, we’ll be there to guide you as you embrace wellness in body, mind and spirit.

    Women's Health Care

    From preventative care to gynecology expertise, our comprehensive women’s health services help you maximize your health and are with you at every stage of life.

    Wound Care

    When a stubborn wound won’t heal, you can rely on our wound care experts to find an effective treatment plan that meets your needs and helps you feel whole again.