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Educators From Two Dozen Polk County Schools Honored at Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon AH HOF

DAVENPORT, Fla. -- Teachers, support staff and principals of more than two dozen schools in Polk County were honored during a special banquet in Davenport.

The event, at the Tom Fellows Community Center, was hosted by the Northeast Polk Chamber of Commerce to recognize the 2024 Teacher of the Year and Student-related Employee of the Year for schools in Davenport, Dundee, Haines City, Poinciana and Winter Haven.

AdventHealth was honored to sponsor the event. Through that sponsorship, all school team members and other guests in attendance were provided with a free lunch.

“The education system is one of the most critical parts of communities and helps them thrive, and we are so grateful for everything these educators do to help enrich the lives of children," said Tim Clark, president and CEO of the AdventHealth Polk Market. "These educators are teaching our future community leaders, future health care professionals, and more. We at AdventHealth greatly appreciate all those in the education system who are caring for our children.”

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