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AdventHealth Gordon’s Oncology Nurse Navigators Guide Patients on Their Cancer Care Journey

Cancer Nurse Navigators_Gordon
Kasey Davis, RN, AnBreia McDaniel, RN, and Christine Bond, RN

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is never easy, and support is a necessary part of the journey. To make each day easier, AdventHealth Gordon connects cancer patients with a personalized care navigator to handle the logistics of their cancer treatments so they can focus on healing.

AdventHealth Gordon would like to introduce you to our oncology nurse navigators who work collaboratively with our multidisciplinary cancer team, patients and families to provide personalized and compassionate support to every patient facing cancer.

AnBreia McDaniel, RN, oncology nurse navigator, shares her heart and passion for caring for patients facing cancer.

On the intricate journey of a cancer diagnosis, AnBreia stands as a compassionate guide, working closely with patients facing prostate, bladder and colorectal cancers. “My job is to ensure our patients are receiving the care they need and prevent any patients getting lost to follow-up,” she said. “However, my primary goal is to make sure our patients feel cared for and understand the treatment plan presented to them.”

AnBreia explains that sometimes when people hear that they have cancer, normal thought processes are often disrupted. “I am here to pick up the pieces and make sure the patient is on the same page as the providers. I work closely with our providers to stay up-to-date on our patient’s whole care. Throughout the treatment process, I am easily available to answer questions and find ways to make treatment as easy as possible for our patients,” she shares, emphasizing the crucial role of emotional support throughout the process.

For AnBreia’s patients, support doesn’t stop post-treatment. “When treatment is complete, patients still have access to me as needed, she said. “I check in from time to time, but I always love it when I get a call from a former patient asking for assistance or advice. This means I made an impact, and this patient trusts me with their health care. That is the ultimate compliment.

Throughout her role as an oncology nurse navigator, AnBreia has formed relationships with many patients. “I have seen them at their best and their worst, but no matter what state I see them in, they are always an encouragement to me. The bravery and strength I have seen these people maintain is unparalleled, and I am so grateful I get to be a small part of it,” she reflected.

In the heart of the AdventHealth Gordon Edna Owens Breast Center, Christine Bond, RN, breast nurse navigator, serves as a beacon of support for her patients navigating their breast health.

“My main goal is to make the patient as comfortable as possible,” said Christine. “There is a huge amount of stress associated with having to come in for an abnormal finding. Supporting the patient by answering questions and explaining in detail what is going to take place next helps to calm those fears of the unknown.”

Having experienced the patient's perspective herself, Christine empathetically acknowledges the inherent stress and anxiety associated with health care.

“There is always stress and anxiety with anything that is associated with health care, and that is normal,” she said. “I know that personally because I have been a patient myself, so it is important to take the time with the patient by sitting down, talking to them and answering all their questions. That is what I love about my job, and I love guiding patients through the process like a beacon of light in the storm.”

According to Christine, a nurse navigator’s job is multifaceted, and situations are always different. “No two patients are alike, and administering care tailored to the patient’s specific needs is important,” she said. “Patients go through lots of emotions when told they have cancer, and supporting the patient emotionally is another important aspect of being a nurse navigator. Emotions can be like a roller coaster ride up and down and all over the place, but as a nurse navigator, I am there to help them hang on.”

Throughout her career as a nurse navigator, Christine has made lifelong connections. “I occasionally get calls from patients one or two years down the road needing help with other situations, and that makes me feel good because they remember how I was there for them previously,” she said. “Being a nurse navigator makes lifelong connections, and this is what makes my cup full.”

Kasey Davis, RN, AdventHealth Gordon’s lung nurse navigator, has a mission to lead the charge in early detection and support for those battling lung cancer.

At the forefront of her responsibilities, Kasey’s primary goal as the lung nurse navigator is to identify patients eligible for lung cancer screenings and ensure they stay committed to maintaining their annual screenings for the best chance of early detection and treatment.

“I serve as the primary point of contact for all low-dose CT lung cancer screenings, she said, “and the care coordinator throughout the entire process from discovering a lung nodule to diagnosis and treatment.”

One of the hallmarks of Kasey’s approach is the individualized assistance she offers to patients, families, and caregivers. “I offer individual assistance to patients, families and caregivers to ensure screening, education and outreach. I assess the physical, psychological and social needs of each patient to ensure they have access to the resources they need throughout their journey,” she said. “I also assist and educate the shared decision-making visits about screening, risks and benefits, smoking cessation and beyond with result phone calls, information on incidental findings and referrals to appropriate specialists.”

When a patient receives a cancer diagnosis, fear and anxiety often set in for patients and their family members. Kasey understands how the emotional toll of a cancer diagnosis can impact her patients. “I am here to offer support to the patients and their families,” she said. “I love being a nurse navigator. I can provide expert education about the disease along with treatments. I strive to build a relationship with each cancer patient, survivor and caregiver and offer continual support for our patients.”

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