Committed to Your Safety

As a leading health care provider in the region, AdventHealth is firmly committed to patient safety. This includes your physical safety as well as protecting you from inadvertent exposure to hazardous materials and wastes, minimizing the risk of health care associated infections and ensuring that our surgery center is prepared for any emergency or disaster.

Through our Facilities Management and Safety departments, we continually review our safety programs and procedures and implement changes to further improve the safety of our patients and visitors alike.

Within our Environment of Care program, we develop and implement policies, procedures, protocols and guidelines to ensure the safety of our workforce by properly training them in hazardous materials handling and emergency/disaster response.

One of the cornerstones of our safety program is patient involvement. We encourage our patients to communicate their concerns about safety and the quality of care through our Speak Up program.

To learn more about our Speak Up program and other valuable ways in which we ensure the safety of our patients, visitors and staff below.

Environment of Care

Our Environment of Care process considers the safety of our patients, visitors and employees from the perspective of our physical surroundings, work processes and operational procedures.

Safety programs, policies, procedures, protocols and guidelines are developed and implemented to assure that our workplace is safe and that all persons know the proper responses to fire, how to handle hazardous materials and wastes, and respond to emergency and disaster situations.

In addition, the Environment of Care covers the security of our patients, visitors, and employees, and establishes mechanisms for appropriate maintenance of medical equipment and utilities. Environment of Care issues are administered by our Facilities Management and the Safety Departments.

"Speak Up" Program

As part of our patient safety program, SPEAK UP is your chance to share with us your concerns about safety and our quality of care. We truly appreciate your feedback and will use it to improve all aspects of care and safety at AdventHealth.

S-peak up if you have a questions, concerns or if you don’t understand something about your care. It’s your body and you have a right to know.

You can call the ASC Administrator:

P-ay attention to the care you receive by making sure that you’re getting the right test results, treatments and medications from the appropriate clinicians.

E-ducate yourself about any medical tests being conducted as well as your diagnosis and treatment plan.

A-sk a trusted friend or family member to be your health care advocate.

K-now your lab results and the medications you are taking.

U-se medical centers and clinics that have met rigorous on-site evaluations for clinical quality and safety standards as outlined by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC).

P-articipate in all decisions about your treatment. You are at the center of the health care team at AdventHealth.