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EnVisio® Surgical Navigation Revolutionizes Precision in Breast Cancer Surgery

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At AdventHealth, we’re committed to using the latest, leading-edge technological advancements in breast surgery care to provide you with the best possible results. That’s why we now use EnVisio® Surgical Navigation to precisely navigate to breast tumors during surgery to maximize your safety and comfort.

With help from our expert, general surgeon Christopher Allen Grove, MD, read on to learn what EnVisio® is and how it can help support your breast surgery results and overall health.

What is EnVisio®?

Elucent’s EnVisio® Surgical Navigation System and SmartClip® technology is a groundbreaking tumor marking system that reduces pain and increases accuracy during breast cancer surgery.

Dr. Grove explains, “This new technology system signifies a meaningful improvement for women who undergo lumpectomies. By replacing the commonly used and less exact hook-wire localization procedures that are known to be painful, both clinical and cosmetic outcomes are greatly improved, as well as comfort.”

This revolutionary procedure is used for tumors you can't initially feel, and it will be used in 80 to 90% of all breast cancers. It’s truly “medicine of the future,” and it’s here at AdventHealth Daytona Beach.

How Does EnVisio® Work?

EnVisio® allows physicians to implant the wireless SmartClip® Soft Tissue Markers at the time of breast biopsy, or any time prior to surgery. Navigation is quickly becoming an integral part of the surgical routine of clinicians.

Dr. Grove says, “Surgical navigation is already the standard of care in Neurosurgery, ENT and Orthopedics, and will now be possible for breast cancer patients, as well. The EnVisio® Navigation System enables us to answer the question: ‘How do I reach my target safely without disrupting healthy tissue?’ We use the 3D indications to precisely pinpoint and mark the location of cancerous tissue that needs to be removed. Once integrated with the surgical cutting tools, it guides the surgeon during the procedure with real-time 3D navigation to locate and highlight malignant tissue seen on standard imaging.”

How EnVisio® Benefits Patients

EnVisio® provides more accuracy and more comfort. Less tissue needs to be extracted and you undergo one less procedure.

Thank you to Dr. Grove for his expert insights, and to the AdventHealth Daytona Beach Foundation for providing the funding for this leading-edge equipment. We are humbled to be the only hospital in Volusia/Flagler to offer this technology, the only nationally accredited breast program in Volusia/Flagler County, and the only 3D navigation system in the market for breast care.

To learn more about how this leading-edge technology can benefit you or schedule an appointment with Dr. Grove, visit us here. You deserve to feel whole.

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