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Does Your Child Dread Homework? Try the ‘3 Cs’

A Father Helps His Daughter Complete Her Homework in the Kitchen of Their Home.

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For many kids, homework can be daunting—and helping them with it isn’t easy for parents. When you see your child struggle to finish their assignments, your first instinct may be to take over.

But in the long run, giving your child the tools they need to succeed independently is better. Enabling children to get their homework done as easily and quickly as possible boils down to communication, collaboration and concentration.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Before the beginning of the school year, talk with your child about activities they would like to participate in after school and make sure there’s still plenty of time in their schedule for homework.

After school starts, sit down with your child each day and discuss their assignments. Help them organize their notebook or any other tool (such as a checklist) they use to stay on track of their work.

It’s also important to keep the lines of communication open with your child’s teacher. Stay up to date on the teacher’s goals, and help your child understand and follow homework instructions.

Establish a Spirit of Collaboration

If your child is having a difficult time with homework, don’t worry if you’re unsure how to do it. Your job is to find ways to encourage your child while they work on it.

Try asking them to describe the assignment to you. Have them talk through the parts that are giving them trouble. By providing that kind of support, you can help your child figure out the answer on their own.

Create an Environment of Concentration

Ensure your child has a comfortable, quiet place to do their work. Keep it well-stocked with the school supplies they need.

Lastly, remember that technology can be distracting. Your child may need to use a computer to do their work, but they shouldn’t use other devices until they’re done. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the television should stay off while children are doing their homework as it causes a distraction and inhibits concentration.

We Never Stop Learning

At AdventHealth for Children, we’re always advancing our care so that we can help you and your family stay whole. If you believe that your child is dealing with a learning disability that is making it harder for them to study, our team of compassionate experts can help. Click here to learn more about AdventHealth for Children or schedule an appointment.

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