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AdventHealth Central Texas

2201 South Clear Creek Road, Killeen, TX  76549

Call AdventHealth Central Texas at 254-526-7523

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DepartmentsPhone Number
AdventHealth Central TexasCall AdventHealth Central Texas at 254-526-7523
AdventHealth Rollins BrookCall AdventHealth Rollins Brook at 512-556-3682
Ambulatory Surgery CenterCall Ambulatory Surgery Center at 254-519-8191
Behavioral Health CenterCall Behavioral Health Center at 254-628-1000
Billing InformationCall Billing Information at 254-519-8155
Center for Wound Care & Hyperbaric MedicineCall Center for Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine at 254-634-4325
ChaplainCall Chaplain at 254-519-8208
Emergency RoomCall Emergency Room at 254-519-8197
Find a Physician LineCall Find a Physician Line at 254-526-3627
Gift ShopCall Gift Shop at 254-519-8173
Home Care of Metroplex HospitalCall Home Care of Metroplex Hospital at 800-926-7664
HousekeepingCall Housekeeping at 254-519-8276
Imaging ServicesCall Imaging Services at 254-519-8139
Information Desk (8 am to 4 pm Monday - Friday)Call Information Desk (8 am to 4 pm Monday - Friday) at 254-519-8148
LaboratoryCall Laboratory at 254-519-8131
Marketing, Public Relations & Community WellnessCall Marketing, Public Relations & Community Wellness at 254-519-8200
Memorial GiftsCall Memorial Gifts at 254-519-8307
Metroplex Behavioral Health CenterCall Metroplex Behavioral Health Center at 254-519-8328
Metroplex Rehabilitation CenterCall Metroplex Rehabilitation Center at 254-554-2637
Metroplex Sleep CenterCall Metroplex Sleep Center at 254-519-8452
NurseryCall Nursery at 254-519-8128
Nutrition Services & Café MetroCall Nutrition Services & Café Metro at 254-519-8175
Open MRICall Open MRI at 254-680-0004
Outpatient RegistrationCall Outpatient Registration at 254-519-8151
Prime of LifeCall Prime of Life at 254-519-8200
Rehabilitation Services, InpatientCall Rehabilitation Services, Inpatient at 254-519-8144
Scheduling, OutpatientCall Scheduling, Outpatient at 254-519-8500
Social ServicesCall Social Services at 254-519-8439
Sue Mayborn Women's CenterCall Sue Mayborn Women's Center at 254-519-8537
Surgical ServicesCall Surgical Services at 254-519-8132
VolunteersCall Volunteers at 254-519-8148
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