A Hospital Fitness Program Designed With You In Mind

Community members take a free step aerobics class
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Participants at AdventHealth Central Texas Fitness Class

Starting a new fitness program can be intimidating, and joining a new class or facility might be enough to scare you off. Although it’s well known that regular exercise and physical activity is good for your health, that doesn’t always mean it’s easy.

Working up the nerve to go to the gym can be hard, and sticking with it week after week requires motivation and accountability — two things tough to find when life happens.

For someone like Cindy, a disabled veteran who recently received a prediabetes diagnosis, the thought of working out at a big box gym was so intimidating that she talked herself out of going more often than not. AdventHealth Central Texas realized that many in their community faced the same challenge.

When Cindy's condition began to impact her life, making it a struggle to interact with her children and participate in the daily activities she loved, she was ready to make a change.

Fortunately, AdventHealth Central Texas recognized the need in their community and developed a free weekly workout series.

This safe space is less intimidating, and instructors work to make sure you feel welcome no matter your fitness level or ability right when you walk through the door. These classes are a place where it’s okay to be a beginner, and everyone is here with the same goal: to get active and have fun doing it.

Every week they clear out the boardrooms and host 13 separate free classes that include inspiring formats like:

• Zumba

• Tai Chi

• Step Aerobics

• Cardio Kickboxing

• Stretching

Not only are the classes motivating and an excellent workout, but these sessions have built friendships and made connections for the participants. Imagine how it would feel to have a group who call or text if you miss your weekly Zumba class. These relationships added a new level of accountability, and for people like Cindy, that’s made a world of difference.

After six months of taking several classes weekly and adopting a regular exercise habit, she’s seen decreases in all of her numbers. She has essentially reversed her prediabetes and feels whole in ways she couldn’t imagine before.

AdventHealth Central Texas saw so much success with the program that they decided to expand it to something larger that could give the entire community access to these services. Today, a community wellness center is in the works and will be built on the campus.

While the project ramps up, there is still plenty of space for new participants in the 13 free weekly classes. January is an excellent time to set a goal and start a new activity that helps you feel whole, and you might do more than just improve your fitness.

Feeling whole is about more than lowering your blood pressure or losing weight, it’s about connecting to something larger. Through this program, you can not only hit those goals but also create new bonds that give you a sense of community and belonging. That’s great for your mental health, too.

To learn more about the free weekly fitness classes at AdventHealth Central Texas, or to sign up, call Call254-526-7523.

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