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Harvesting Potential

As the economy continues to sluggishly march forward and unemployment rates remain high, it’s never been more important for job seekers to stand out in the crowd. Increasing work skills is key, but according to Marc Stanakis of The Jobs Partnership of Florida, changing ones attitudes and beliefs about work is just as critical.

Harvesting Human Potential: Job Partnership of Orlando

There is a lot of research that shows that the emerging workforce has a growing lack of work ethic,” Stanakis says. “And it’s holding people back from getting and keeping a job.”

Jobs Partnership’s 12-week training class aims to go much deeper through a biblically based curriculum and partnerships with local churches.

In response, Jobs Partnership’s 12-week Life and Work training class aims to go much deeper than traditional employability enhancing initiatives. Through a biblically based curriculum and partnerships with local churches and employers, the program has helped more than 1400 people complete career assessments, upgrade their resume, and hone their interview skills. But for participants like Quwanda High, it has also been about growing in her relationship with God and getting His perspective on work.

“Jobs Partnership equipped me with employability skills but it also taught me the principles of good work ethic from God’s perspective,” she says. “I never thought God cared about things like how well you did on your job. This was a life-changer for me.”

Like more than 75 other graduates of the program, Quwanda secured a job at AdventHealth. “I was always working at fast food restaurants. With 7 years on the job, now I have a career that has allowed me to advance and grow. It unfolded into something so much greater than I had ever imagined.”

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