Two AdventHealth nurses walking down the hallway

Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ

We’ve been committed to the principles of whole-person care for more than 150 years. Today, as one of the largest faith-based health care providers in the United States, we’re guided by the Seventh-day Adventist medical beliefs of our founders. We help the people in our care create a life of whole health by healing their bodies, strengthening their minds and lifting their spirits.

Our mission to extend the healing ministry of Christ is the foundation for everything we do, and we believe health should be measured in terms of wholeness. Our promise to our patients is to help them feel whole, and we work to extend that promise to our team members, too, providing an environment known for world-class expertise and uncommon compassion.

With more than 300 facilities, AdventHealth provides opportunities for health care professionals nationwide.

A woman leading out a group of people in breathing exercises while outdoors.

Our Story of Whole-Person Healing

AdventHealth was formally founded in 1973, but we trace our roots back to 1866 with a team of Seventh-day Adventist medical pioneers in Battle Creek, Michigan. In a time when many treatments were as harmful as the conditions they attempted to cure, our founders were considered revolutionaries for their belief that preventing disease was as important as treating it. They believed the best care didn’t treat only the body, but also helped heal the mind and lift the spirit.