Leading the Way in Health Care Employment

AdventHealth is honored to have been named one of the nation’s “Best Employers for Veterans by Forbes. 8,500 veterans were surveyed on topics including workplace safety, competitive pay, opportunities for advancement, diversity and inclusion and company image. Forbes also recognized AdventHealth as a Best in State overall employer in Florida.

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Forbes 2023: The Best Employers for Veterans

The Best Employers for Veterans by Forbes

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America's Best-in-State Employers by Forbes

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AdventHealth nurse studying

Meet Your Nursing Career Concierge

Finding your perfect career just got easier. By sharing a little bit about yourself and your aspirations, your nursing career concierge will guide you toward careers, benefits and resources tailored just for you. Our legacy is rooted in the compassionate and exceptional care we deliver, and we take your aspirations personally. Get started today and a dedicated team member will accompany you every step of the way.

Four masked nurses smiling, diversity

We are making a shift to a new standard of care for our team.

You deserve a workplace that understands the depth of your service. A place that knows you can’t wholly care for others unless you feel whole yourself. We see you. We see your life beyond these walls. That’s why we promise to care for you -- physically, mentally and spiritually. With competitive pay. With professional development in an inclusive environment. With debt-free education. And a network of opportunity.

AdventHealth at a Glance

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  • 96,000

    Team Members
  • 300+

    Locations and Facilities
  • 100+

    Different Specialties
  • 9

    States Throughout the U.S.

Your Nursing Career at AdventHealth

The world’s not the same as it was. Work isn’t, either. It’s time for a shift. One that allows you to unlock your potential, use your skills and build a better future. So, we’re extending our resources to support you physically, mentally and spiritually. Opening doors so you can dream bigger. Growing your talents so you can take the next step. Supporting your goals with every step of the way. This is our new standard of care. For you.

AdventHealth nurses are innovators, always improving care delivery while treating every patient as if they were family. This combination of excellence and uncommon compassion makes AdventHealth a great place to be a nurse! As a member of our award-winning nursing team, you will receive support for professional development and you will be challenged to be the best, whether you are an LPN or RN, an ADN or BSN nurse.

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Hiring Events

At AdventHealth, we want to make it easy for you to become part of our team bringing our executives to your community to give you the opportunity to network and take advantage of spot offers.

Two nurses walking outdoors and talking together.

Career Benefits at AdventHealth Nursing

Just as we support whole-person care for our patients at AdventHealth Nursing we fully support our team members in their professional and personal development. AdventHealth Nursing team members can benefit from:

  • An inclusive work environment
  • Benefits and paid days off on day one
  • Career development opportunities
  • Competitive, market-based pay
  • Debt-free education
  • Student loan support programs

With 300+ facilities, AdventHealth provides opportunities for local nursing jobs in nine different states.

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Shezel O’Neal  and AdventHealth Celebration team member

Author name Shezel O'Neal, RN

Hear From Our Nurses


“Even in my first leadership role as a charge nurse, I got that spark of building professionalism and credibility. You can make the organization better as a leader. I liked the way I could make a difference with the nurses at the end of the day.”

Author name Shezel O'Neal, RN

Mike Dy, AdventHealth Winter Park

Author name Surgical Director

Author title Mike Dy, RN

Hear From Our Nurses


“In surgical services, I come in contact with many doctors and vendors who work at other hospitals,” says Mike. “Again and again, they tell me the team at AdventHealth is special. They don’t see the same type of family bonds among the staff at other hospitals. When others say we have something special here, that makes me proud.”

Author name Surgical Director

Author title Mike Dy, RN

Stacy Workforce 5

Author name Stacey Semexan, RN

Hear From Our Nurses


“Having the financial assistance from AdventHealth was huge,” she said. “I had flexibility on when I could take my classes. I’m sure I would not have finished if I didn’t have that support.”

Author name Stacey Semexan, RN

Lisa Campbell

Author name Lisa Campbell, RN

Hear From Our Nurses


“I’ve been here 21 years and have had plenty of opportunities to go elsewhere,” said Lisa. “At AdventHealth, I have felt a sense of belonging and growth with the potential that people saw in me. As nurses, we have lots of opportunities. But it’s important to be in a place where the organization prioritizes the well-being of its employees and knows they are in a place where their spiritual needs are met.”

Author name Lisa Campbell, RN

Elevate Your Nursing Practice

Growing your nursing career at AdventHealth includes being valued for your unique strengths while developing your skills as a nurse and team member.

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  • Grow Professionally

    Clinical ladders and leadership development opportunities empower team members to reach any goal they set for themselves.

  • Advance Your Degree

    AdventHealth is passionate about the professional development of each team member. That’s why we provide a seamless path for advancing your education.

  • Thrive Spiritually

    Whether it’s a prayer with a patient or a bible verse during a huddle, AdventHealth strives to meet you wherever you are in your spiritual journey.

  • Work With Friends

    Team members can earn cash rewards by recommending friends for positions throughout our system.


Providing Whole-Person Care

At AdventHealth, health care is more than fixing what’s wrong. It’s about celebrating what’s right and making sure our patients are on a healthier, stronger path. That’s why we focus on whole health and giving each patient the tools, resources and support they need to enjoy a lifetime of health and happiness.

Nurse goes over information with a patient and their spouse.

Our Service Standards

Our service standards are actionable ways we live out our mission to extend the healing ministry of Christ. Our cultural framework and service standards define how we interact with our patients and each other, articulating and demonstrating our values and setting forth our purpose. Each team member uses our service standards to guide the work we do in providing exceptional service to patients, guests, families and each other.

Find Your Place to Thrive

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  • LENS™ supports staff feedback and validates their voices as being heard, valued, and encouraged to speak up. Learn how AdventHealth innovates the healthcare workspace and fosters collaboration between hospital departments.

  • Nurse scientists at AdventHealth actively research the nature of illnesses, treatment solutions and the effects of medical technologies that aim to improve patients' lives and impact the future of health care. View nurse scientist roles here.