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Happy Mother's Day

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For Mother's Day we wanted to take the time to celebrate our amazing nurse team members and asked them to share what makes them feel whole. Meet a few of our Joy Givers and Moment Makers...

“Being this little boy’s mama has made me feel whole because I have never experienced a love like this. He has given me a whole new outlook on life and how important the little things are. I know that I would do anything for him and it puts it into perspective for me how much of an honor it is to care for someone’s son or daughter no matter their age. Being a critical care nurse, wife and mother gives my life meaning.” – Zoe Griffin, AdventHealth Fish Memorial

"My experiences as a patient when my children were born were so positive due largely in part to the nurses. When my youngest son was born he needed additional services and care for quite some time and again the nurses and the care they showed me and my son was beautiful. These experiences are largely what lead me into nursing. It is tied tightly with the love I have for my family. They make me feel whole by filling my heart and my life. They are my life's greatest joy and blessing. Having them reminds me every day to give my best and strive for goodness in all that I do so that I may be a blessing to others." - Suzy Keeling, AdventHealth DeLand

"My children help me feel whole by loving me unconditionally, laughing, smiling, and snuggling with me when I need it the most, and by being the lights of my life!" – Lindsey Hosford, AdventHealth New Smyrna

"I became a nurse because I had a desire to make others feel good. Maybe I would not be able to heal them but I could make them feel important which is the same feeling my grandchildren give me." – Margaret Peg Davis, AdventHealth DeLand

"I became a nurse because to me it was a calling from God. For as long as I can remember I always wanted to connect with and help others. So many years later I still love what I do and have been able to share that joy with my boys, Jordan and Bryant, so much so that my son is on his journey to becoming a doctor with a servant heart. The Lord has blessed me with the best profession ever – being a mom and in conjunction with being a nurse truly makes me FeelWhole." - Michele Lebron, AdventHealth DeLand

"My name is Erica Robinson and my pride and joy is Olivia Denae. Ever since I was in 3rd grade I remember seeing my mother wake up early, put on her antimicrobial scrubs and badge and kiss me goodbye on her way to work. She is my hero and her job was and still is that of a nurse. As I got older I realized that nurses have an innate sense of integrity and confidence, compassion and humility, and the ability to connect in order to make a difference in their patients' lives and I wanted to be just like them. Nursing is a superpower; a calling and I finally get to be in the same league. I may not wear a cape or fly, but I look darn good in my navy-blue scrubs and stethoscope and feel privileged and honored to work for a company who believes in the philosophy of whole person care. I hope that one day my daughter will be inspired by me and whatever path she chooses, that the values will carry on." -Erica Robinson, AdventHealth DeLand

"I had been with AdventHealth since October 1997 and all my girls were born at Ormond Memorial now AdventHealth Daytona. So AdventHealth has been a big part of our lives. With my husband and God’s help we raise them with love and respect. I am blessed to be called their mom!!" – Mardy Donasco, AdventHealth Palm Coast

“My children keep me feeling whole as my partners in many great adventures! We love to get out and see God's natural beauty!”- Angela Gelinas, AdventHealth DeLand

“Being able to heal and heal brings joy to my heart. Just as much as having my family home for the holidays!” – Nicole Garbacik, AdventHealth DeLand

“Being able to provide guidance and be able to influence my children, all while being a nurse makes me feel whole. Seeing improvement in my patients gives me a wonderful feeling. Also, when giving emotional support by holding hands of family members who have just experienced tragedy, allows me to provide them with a sense of comfort knowing they are not alone and I'll be there for them every step of the way. Holding the title of mother and nurse give me the upmost pride.” – Fay Salazar, AdventHealth Fish Memorial

“My daughter is my whole world and nothing makes me feel more whole than spending quality time with her. She has a passion for gymnastics and watching her excel in her sport makes me a very proud mom.” – Amy Piazza, AdventHealth Palm Coast

“My children make me feel whole every time I get to experience childhood through their eyes.” – Sammi Westerberg, AdventHealth DeLand

“My daughter makes my life complete with her beautiful personality, she helps me get through my most difficult days and makes me feel whole again!! #feelingwhole” – Chantell Sandy, AdventHealth Palm Coast

“After a long day away from home while caring for others, a simple hug from my babies as they run into my arms as I walk through the door makes me feel whole. They are the missing piece of my heart when I am away at work.” – Amber Barrs, AdventHealth Deland

"Being a nurse is so much more than just a job, much like being a mom is so much more than just having a baby. You have to love them through all the sleepless nights and restless days, and continue to care for them day in and day out. Just like being a nurse- choosing to care for others through some of the toughest days. But becoming a nurse and a momma is something I chose, and would choose all over again.” - Justine Conley, AdventHealth Altamonte

"I grew up wanting to be a nurse, I wanted to show people from all walks of life compassion and care. Being a nurse is my passion and I can’t believe everyday I wake up and get to do something I love. A little over a year ago I was blessed to become a mommy to my sweet little Ellie. She is such a blessing in my life and I can’t imagine life without her. Being a mom has truly made me Feel Whole." - Maureen Rideout, AdventHealth Altamonte