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Whole Person emergency care, convenient and close to home

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Life happens and sometimes that means a trip to the emergency room. When it does, AdventHealth’s number one emergency care team is here for you.

AdventHealth’s emergency rooms in Central Florida treat nearly 600,000 patients every year, or almost twice the population of the city of Orlando. With a network of hospital-based and freestanding ERs in the metro Orlando area, care when you need it, is always right around the corner, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Dr. Max Baumgardner

“[Our offsite emergency rooms have] the same services as a traditional emergency department,” said Dr. Max Baumgardner, AdventHealth’s emergency medical director in Seminole County. The system of freestanding ERs offers all of the same initial stabilization services and care you find in AdventHealth’s hospital-based emergency departments. “That includes things like evaluation of stroke, heart attacks, sutures, splinting for casts, a treatment for asthma, dehydration and anything else,” Baumgardner said.

AdventHealth currently has 11 hospital-based and 8 off-site ERs with more on the way.

Baumgardner explained, “There's a need for that timely care and emergent care in these growing communities. And [freestanding ERs are] a great way that we can expand our ability to serve the communities in a very short time period.”

Click the video above for a look inside an AdventHealth freestanding ER.

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